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B-School applications take you on a long and tiring journey which teaches you to think both introspectively and prospectively. The key is to enjoy the process, learn from it and do your best. I will try to help anyone who is going to apply this year (or in future) to guide him on how to best manage your applications, deadlines and keep a track of everything that’s going to flood you. Enjoy!

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People often stop me in the streets to ask Hey Mukul, what’s this GMAT thingy all about? Sometimes I can’t even walk outside my house without somebody standing there with a giant neon sign that blinks “WHAT IS GMAT”? Instead of answering every individual separately and so that you can save your money on those neon signs, I decided to write this article that would answer that simple yet complex question.

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Okay!! Books!! The best part of the entire preparation is the one where I get my new books. I love the smell, which itself is so inspiring that it gives me a sense of excitement of embarking on a journey. But obviously smell is not the only factor that goes into choosing books; there’s a lot to be done before buying them. Books and other preparation material can make or break your GMAT.

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