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Hello and welcome to GMATing.com, a simple and honest approach to crack the GMAT. For all those folks out there who dare to dream and who believe in themselves, this place hopes to serve as their guiding light for the entire journey starting from preparing for GMAT to getting an admit from your dream school. Let’s get started!


GMATing.com is my humble attempt at helping all those who are ready to embark on the MBA journey. It starts with helping you crack the GMAT and then preparing you to apply to your dream schools. My MO is to restore clarity and simplicity in the chaotic world of internet-enabled educational services. Everything here is honest, transparent and FREE. I know what a dream is worth, so, I won’t make promises, I won’t guarantee results…there will be no ads saying “score 750+” but yes, I promise that if you stay honest, I will make sure your efforts fructify. I will make sure that you stay motivated, have fun and realize your end goals. I have no intentions to charge you for anything that’s here…everything is free…so freak out!

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Although this website may look bare and uncommercial to you, but that’s the whole point! SIMPLICITY and CLARITY is the mantra. The website is mainly constituted of:

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This website is not the only great resource. There are many places where you will find host of other resources which can help you in numerous ways. A couple of places where I go for information are:

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About the Author

Hi there!! My name is Mukul. I’m starting my MBA at Tuck School of Business in Fall 2011. I have done my B.Tech. from IIT Delhi and have scored a 770 in GMAT. I started work as a Software Engineer at IBM, but very soon left that job for a more exciting opportunity. After working at IBM for 1.5 years, I joined Auryn: A technology based media & entertainment company. At the time it wasn’t even operational in India and therefore a tremendous opportunity for me to be a major part of its conception. I loved doing what I did and very recently in Feb 2011 when I got an admit and got married, I moved to the States. Apart from helping others and contributing to the community, I love photography, blogging and traveling. I am passionate about teaching and have always brought about change, big or small, in my community through teaching.

I have been a faculty and a motivational speaker at many institutes (for IIT-JEE, GMAT, etc.). My forte has been my unique understanding of how people should study. I believe that rocking on a test starts with an understanding of one’s brain and its working. I believe that I have been instrumental in helping people explore their strengths and using their potential in a way never before. I strongly admire passion and dedication towards achieving one’s goals.

I also run my blog which I have been using to help fellow MBA aspirants to crack the GMAT. I devote my personal time in teaching, not only for GMAT but also the deprived. Apart from that I have successfully helped many folks in their applications to get to their dream schools (Tuck, Tepper, ISB, LBS, HEC). I hope to extend my services to everyone through this website while keeping it simple, honest and transparent and most importantly have fun in my pass time. Read my story here. Happy GMATing!!


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  1. Hi Mukul,
    I’ve booked my gmat appointment for 8th of June this year, and till now I’ve not been putting in too much effort frankly. I really need some help on structuring and scheduling my time – using it appropriately and really getting things done. I’ve been at it on and off for about two months. I have the OG 12 GMAT review, of which I’ve done the quant section, and parts of english. I also have retired questions of which I’ve done about 100-150 question each. But really, its all over the place. I really seriously need some guidance on how to go about it considering I have only about 45 odd days left. Please help! How do I balance english and maths both? And I’ll need something broken down into as detailed a timetable as possible.

    Thank you so much! Really looking for some help!

    • Hey Tanya! Sure we can look into it. Why don’t you shoot a mail to me using the “Contact me” page. That way I can email you privately. Don’t worry we will figure something out.

    • Hi Mukul,

      This is a really interesting website.Thanks for creating it. I am planning to take GMAT test in the last week of june or 1st week of july, not booked the date yet. Really need your help on the structuring of my studies, so that I can score 700 plus in the test, also I am specifically targeting ISB? I have OG 12th edition. I am quite ok with the CR part but the AWA is screwed up badly. Need some action points on these as well. My working hours are 11 am to 9 pm, so its really dificult to manage time as maximum time goes in travelling.

      thank you very much and need ur help as I m really passionate to achieve my dream!!!

  2. Hi Mukul,

    Thanks for so much help. Any idea when the detailed last two months i.e. 3rd and 4th month GMat prep plan will come out.

    • Very soon. Expect some of it coming this week. Subscribe through email. Best way to know. You will be updated. And also do not forget to join the Facebook page.


  3. Dear Mr. Mukul,

    This blog is excellent, very informative and i am going to keep in touch to clear any doubts i have.
    I am deciding to proceed with MBA (year 2012).


  4. Hey sir ,
    I need your input on my profile. I have a 710 on gmat , but i am advised to retake it . I wanted to send you my resume so that you can give me a better assessment of my candidacy for 2013. If we correspond over the email /messenger , it would be of immense help . I tried using that ” services” section of this site to send you an email , but it didn’t go through , could you please shoot me an email at my id .

  5. Hi Mukul,
    Thanks for this nice blog.I subscribed it long back and always read articles.Nice stuff!!

    About My profile:
    I have around 7 yrs of work ex and 710 on GMAT.

    I just want to know where do I stand and need your help in school shortlisting.

  6. Hi Mukul,

    My GMAT date is on 28th of August. I might have just hit the panic button. I could not spend much time on my preps and i need your help. Frankly i am not sure what to do Mukul. Please please help me out. Please suggets me a plan. I have little time but i am aming very high. I am ready to spend about 7 hours a day. Please please advice me … I am waiting for your reply..


  7. Hi Mukul,

    Thank you for putting up this site. Am preparing for a phd entrance. do you know anybody in the US who can guide me? Am the first in my family to go for this program and can really use some help with the essays and letters etc

    Thanks so much once again.
    Akshayata. New Delhi

  8. Dear Mukul,

    I stumbled upon your website when I started my preparation for GMAT. It is of great help.

    I have worked in the non-profit sector for 10 years and am planning to apply for ISB, Hyderabad. I wanted your advice on two issues.

    1). I have finished the Kaplan GMAT 2012 Premier book and will be doing the Official Guide. I will have time to cover either the Kaplan Verbal and Maths Workbooks or the OG Verbal and Quantitative Review books. What will you suggest?

    2). Also, I am struggling a bit with the Sentence Correction section. I am halfway through Manhattan SC but I cannot remember any of the rules while I am doing the problems in the OG.I just eliminate options that I feel are wrong because they do not sound right. While reading through the options, I generally know which option is wrong but I am not sure why. Hence, I am not confident. My accuracy is around 70-75 %. What should I do?

    Thanks & Regards


    • What does the GMAT test consist of? What is the Format of the GMAT?

  9. plz help me i’m in love but she not love me why usne mujhe bhut baar dhokha diya phr bhi maine usse maaf kar diya ab phr mera dil tod rhi hai jhuth bolti hai plz help me main kya krun

    • How to I prepare GMAT?

  10. Hey Mukul,

    Really good initiative. I am pretty bad in Maths and I need to start from scratch. I am planning to give my gmat on feb 2012.

    Please help me by suggesting some basic maths book.

  11. hi mukul,
    im really inspired by your blog and schedule of 3 months. kudos man.the books you have mentioned in the schedule are too costly in india and amount to more than 15k in flipkart. the manhattan series itself is 8k. is there any other alternative to the books u have mentioned in schedule.
    cheers man

  12. Hi Mukul,

    How much it costs to study MBA in foreign universities like yours.

    Please mail me the approximate amount, if u feel some privacy over those cost concern.

  13. Hi,

    I wanted to ask you about the efficacy of a dual MBA? I have one MBA from Indian University and would a second MBA do justice to the price and the time that I would need to devote?

  14. Hi Mukul,
    I am planning for GMAT for one year Executive MBA. I am new to GMAT preparation.
    I visited your site and really good for people like me who is looking for guidance. I went through the books you have suggested. I am planning to buy the “Kaplan GMAT Premier 2014 with 6 Practice Tests: Book + DVD + Online + Mobile”.


  15. Hi Mukul,
    One more thing, to stay focused, I am looking for an online prep course. Can you please suggest the best one?


  16. Hey Mukul
    Read your story. Its motivating, thanks for sharing it.
    I have booked my GMAT Test date for 15th June this year. As of now I only have the Official Guide 13th Edition. Give the approx. 1.5 months time I have, what strategy should I follow and what books should I refer for a 720+ ?
    If you could please help me with this.


  17. Hi Mukul,
    Please post your guidance for the next weeks.

  18. Hi Could you please contact me at the earliest at 8527641166.


  19. Hi , I just want to start preparation for GMAT.. please guide me a proper way for best result.

    • Please read through the preparation schedule. Try clicking the links above.

  20. Hi,
    How often is the material/data/study plan etc. on the site updated? I see all the questions asked and answers are quite old. Is the information mentioned here for the current year i.e. 2017?

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