B-School applications take you on a long and tiring journey which teaches you to think both introspectively and prospectively. The key is to enjoy the process, learn from it and do your best. I will try to help anyone who is going to apply this year (or in future) to guide him on how to best manage your applications, deadlines and keep a track of everything that’s going to flood you. Enjoy!

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  1. HI,

  2. congratulations on your Tuck acceptance. You will love the environment. I attended an Executive Education program run by Prof Connie Helfat and Anant Sundarum called the Back in Business program and the ‘bug’ bit me. I am now applying for an EMBA; if Tuck offered a program I would apply today. My problem is that my GMAT score is 20 years old and I have to retake the test! Thanks for your insights… and relax and enjoy your time at Tuck GSB; it is a once in a lifetime experience. Best of Luck

  3. Hi Mukul,
    sent a specific query through your “contact me” page.Did you receive?

  4. Hi Mukul,

    Congrats on your tuck acceptance.Your story is inspiring as well as informative for young aspirants like me who thinks only a good GMAT score is sufficient for getting into a good B-school.

    I will be writing my GMAT this year end(Nov/Dec) and planning to apply for fall 2011.

    Can you share the fees structure and the scholarship facilities provided
    by various B schools.Being from a middle class background these concerns strike me at the very onset of this journey.

    Waiting for a reply.


  5. Hi Mukul,

    I got a call from Hult Business School for September 2012 session. Please let me know if you any feedback or review of Hult. I would be having an initial interview next week.


    • Just be yourself. Have the key elements of ur story with you, so that they come out naturally. prepare a very conversational answer. Do not rehearse. Speak from ur heart. It sounds cliched but thats the best advice i can give. talk about urself. ur parents. ur passions. ur little trivias. interest the other person. dont make it like a first blind date, awkward. talk as you do with ur friends.

  6. Hi Mukul,

    Thanks for the motivation. My interview was successful today and they would consider my application for the program starting September 2012. Please let me know if you have any feedback or review about the 1 year program at Hult Business School. I checked the reviews and rankings on the internet but wanted your insight on the same.


  7. Hey Mukul,
    By constantly following your Blog and reading almost each and every post at GMATING.COM, I was able to get a 730 in GMAT, apply to ISB round 1, and get shortlisted for the interview (though got a final reject). But now I am planning to apply for international B schools preferably TUCK, NUS, DUKE FUQUA and DARDEN/ROSS. I just a need a small piece of advice from you. Should I really apply to TUCK coz my w.ex. is just 3 years in manufacturing sector. Though I have decent Extra-curricular, is there any chance by which I could get into TUCK?


    • Please apply by all means. Theres always a chance. Tuck takes nice people. Are you helpful, are you a nice person to be around. If yes, then you dont necessarily need a 770 to get in.

  8. Hi Mukul,

    I am engineer with 8 years of experience in semiconductor design. I wanted some guidance regarding GMAT prep, its been almost 10 years off from studies. Secondly, will low GPA in BE have any impact on ISB admissions. (I got 73%).

    My only target is ISB.


  9. Hi,
    I am currently working in IT industry with work experience of 2 years and planning to give GMAT this year.
    I have several questions hounding me at the moment.It will be of great help if you could mentor me and solve these questions.
    Does IT work experience is considered same as work experience in other sectors ?
    And if i do my MBA from US,do they guarantee placements and are the placement record of these schools good.Like an average Joe getting a good job and able to pay off his loan which he has taken for his education.Plus are any scholarships given for these programs.
    It will be of great help if you good solve these queries

    Thank You
    Karan Prinja

  10. Hi Mukul

    Great initiative! 🙂

    Could you please help me figure out if a cgpi of 7.5/10 in B.Tech civil engineering from PEC University of Technology transform to an above 3 gpa on the US scale?

    TIA for your time and help.

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