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  1. HII mukul,
    nice to see all that you wrote on GMAT.
    i have done my engg in june 2008 since then i left studies so its difficult for me to concentrate hence as a starting point which book should i start.
    I heard people saying that “cracking the GMAT -princeton review” is good as it gives techniques …
    pls help me as i see on your site there are many books recommended…
    i am strong at reasoning and quant ..i wanna improve on english…so pls suggest from where should i start..
    waiting for reply

  2. Hi Mukul,

    The materials mentioned under Free Downloads – GMAT VERBAL, is empty.
    I tried to downlaod the word documents and they seem to be empty. Please help.

    Best regards,

  3. Facing the same problem as mukul.The materials mentioned under Free Downloads – GMAT VERBAL, is empty.
    I tried to downlaod the word documents and they seem to be empty. Please help

  4. All the material under free downloads is empty. Where is the problem

  5. Hi Mukul,
    First of all, congrats and hats-off to u…GMATING is very inspiring and motivating..especially when I feel low..

    The Downloads are awesome stuff..But please review the Quants cheet sheet once again and upload the reviewed one for us.I find few mistakes, typos may be..For example,
    6. If an equation f(x)= 0 has only odd powers of x and all these have the same sign coefficients or if f(x) = 0 has only odd powers of x and all these have the same sign coefficients, then the equation has no real roots in each case (except for x=0 in the second case)

    The above point seems to be redundant in itself.

    Please spare some time for us in ur busy schedule.It would be of great help for us.

    Thanks in advance and Hats-Off to you,bro….

  6. Hey Mukund,

    1000 series questions are not downloadable. Could you please fix this.

  7. Hey Mukul,

    1000 series questions are not downloadable. Could you please fix this.

  8. Hi ,

    Mukul ,are the answers given in 1000 series correct , because i read in many blogs that they r wrong .Are thr any explanation answers for 1000 series .
    Thanks in advance

    • I have no clue as to whether they are wrong or right. That’s why I do not recommend them as such. If you think it’s wrong, think again. Still not convinced, move on.


  9. hey mukul m plannin to give my exams this nov end.Have already revised everything once.Can u suggest me one best book whick i can refer for questions.Which software should be used for practise test?

  10. hi mukul sir this is aninda from kolkata i am in my third year of my btech degree sir i want to do mim from top schools of europe right after my btech since it doesnot need any work exprience now for gmat i need ur help i am ready to work hard as much a posible but i need proper guidance for that. sir i ahve decided to give gmat on august 2012. now for gmat prearation i want to know how should i go about with my preration since i have to do my btech studies also so pls make time table for me. also sir i have downloaded loads of material and 90% of the gmat books that is there in the market are downloaded in my pc but i am confused about how i should do it i also have ims study material and experts global study material with me which i got from one of my brother .so i should i go about my preparation also sir i have 8.22/10 gpa till now is it okay for top schools (top15) for mim or i have to increase i have done many extracussiculars also. so kindly pls pls reply my queries i want to start my preparation as early as possible

  11. Hi Mukul,

    Thanks for this. Could you please put up a complete compilation of sites where we get free test prep softwares or you may call it test provision websites.

    Ta, Ram

  12. Hi Mukul

    Idioms in the free download section is not working.
    Thanks a lot sir.

  13. It’s very helpful

  14. Hey Mukul

    Thanks a lot for this blog man. But with the new pattern of GMAT.. what do you think could be the changes.. and approach to them.. I plan to take one this year for 2013..

  15. Hi Mukul,

    I am Syed, and i am going to take GMAT in first week of December. I have started with Quant and i m confident now in this section. But i have not yet started with Verbal and AWA. Can u suggest me how to prepare Verbal and will it be sufficient time to take exam in December as i want admission in 2013. My credentials are not good, will i face problem in getting good B-schools. what role does credentials play in GMAT exam.

  16. Hi Mukul,
    Your journey is inspiring..
    I have 11 years of work experience. I feel i did not realize my potential and can do more.. GMAT seems the only way to redemption.
    Do you think 3 months is a good time to prepare from scratch? Seems like tall task from where i see it. I have to brush up basics like mental multiplication and squares and other formulas for a smart preparation. What is your suggestion? I can give 5 hours on sat sunday’s and 2 hours on weekdays.
    Best Regards,

  17. Hi Mukul,

    I am studying for the GMAT now and would like access to the rapidshare links which are not downloadable.
    Especially GMAT Quant
    •Tough Quant Problems
    •Quant Formulae
    •Permutation Combination Practice Problems

    •AWA Guide
    •AWA Sample Essays
    •Analysis of an Issue Topics List from GMAC
    •Analysis of an Argument Topics List from GMAC

    Can you email me these so I can download them for me to study over?

  18. Hi Mukul,

    Many links are not accessible can you pls upload the material again. should be good.

  19. Hi Mukul.

    Most of your links are not accessible . Could you please mail me all the GMAT materials and links which you think would be helpful?
    Thanks. 🙂

  20. Hi Mukul,
    I am currently in my final year at an Engineering college.
    Recently, I got my CAT scores and was severely disappointed.
    Hence, I thought I’ll give GMAT a try until June and then prepare for CAT 2013.
    Firstly, would you suggest that I start preparing now or should I wait after college ends?(I live in a hostel)
    Also, do you think that your schedule would be apt for someone in my situation(CAT prep + final year)?

    Looking for your wise words before beginning my GMAT prep.


  21. Hi Mukul,

    In the below mentioned SC question the answer as per your sheet is A) which sounds correct as per the tricks and rules however in the OG the correct ans is D) so a little confused.
    2. A 1972 agreement between Canada and the United States reduced the amount of phosphates that municipalities had been allowed to dump into the Great Lakes.
    (A) reduced the amount of phosphates that municipalities had been allowed to dump
    (B) reduced the phosphate amount that municipalities had been dumping
    (C) reduces the phosphate amount municipalities have been allowed to dump
    (D) reduced the amount of phosphates that municipalities are allowed to dump
    (E) reduces the amount of phosphates allowed for dumping by municipalities

  22. Hey Mukul,

    Unable to check the answers for GMAT 1000 RC.


  23. Hi,

    Quant Formulae is empty

  24. Hi Mukul,
    Under download section following files are missing
    1.Idioms list
    2.Quant formula cheat sheet
    3.GMAT AWA

    Regards & Thank you.

  25. Hi Mukul,

    Many links are not working.

    Regards & Thank you.

  26. Hi Mukul,

    All the free materials under “downloads” are not working.

    Please fix it if you can 🙂

    Thanks in Advance.


  27. Hi Mukul,

    The rapid share link file are no more available.
    Would it be possible for you to upload them again..

    I plan to give GMAT in September this year and have just started preparing.

    Your blog is really helpful.


  28. Hi Mukul,
    Thanks a lot for the upload but some of the links are not working like

    Tough Quant Problems
    Quant Formulae

    Also was not able to download study pland.
    Can you please fix it?


  29. Hey Rushikesh,
    currently I don’t have time to fix them. But may be I will find some time. Thanks!

  30. hey Mukul…..
    i plan to take GMAt soon..please guide me how to prepare….books etc…is it advisable top take up sum coaching classes…

  31. Hey Mukul,

    Tough Quant Problems and Quant Formulae links are not working. Could you please check once.


  32. The links provided contain nothing no material to free download, plz guide how to download

  33. hey mukul,

    i would like to know where are the solutions to the 1000 verbal questions downloads.if possible would like to have a word with you over the phone. kindly inbox me your number and a suitable time to call if you are ok to talk.
    i would really benefit from a telephonic conversation so that i can get a clear picture on certain doubts lingering in my mind regarding the gmat.


  34. oops sorry dint see that the solution is just below. but the quant formula file does not seem to be working.
    kindly check.


  35. I only have 2 months on hand to take the GMAT. Is it advisable to skip GMAT Premier or Princeton Cracking the GMAT and directly start with Manhattan? i.e. week 4 schedule onwards? Thanks in advance!

  36. Hi Mukul,

    I have appeared for gmat twice. First time, I had not prepared well. I scored 610 (Q-49, V-25). The second time I had prepared well. I did all Manhattan books, E-gmat course, manhattan tests twice and Gmat Prep tests 3 times. My average score in mocks was 700. My average verbal score was 35. In the exam however I choked and scored 620 {Q-50, V-25(again)}. This happened 2 months back. I had taken another Gmat appointment which is due in 2 weeks. I have done some more preparation but have tried remaining relaxed. I am not sure how to over come that exam anxiety which the adaptive exam can bring when the timing goes wrong.

    Please help if you have any suggestions.

  37. HI,
    can you upload the answers for the 1000 CR

  38. Hey Mukul bhai,

    I am going for my second attempt.
    Your blogs are my motivation.
    I will ace it this time.3 months to my date.wanna score my best.

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