The Unofficial GMAT Prep Guide

On this page you will find the best way to plan your GMAT Preparation. I will show you how to schedule your preparation across 4 months. This is going to be the first among the detailed series of posts telling you right from what should be your goal for the day, how much time to put, which sections to cover, which books to read, when to take the tests, when to relax. This is a template for an average beginner level aspirant. If you know nothing about how to crack this exam, this is your only stop. Do not go anywhere, do what is said here and you will see the difference it makes to your GMAT Prep. Enjoy!

Basic Planning

Before you start your GMAT preparation, you MUST have a timeline. Even though I will cover this in more detail later on my blog, basically a good time to start the GMAT preparation is the start of the year. I will tell you why!

Let’s work backwards. Eventually you will have to apply to a B-School. Let’s say you are an international applicant, you must apply no later than Round 2. Now you would ideally want to apply in Early Decision Rounds or Round 1, and keep a few backup schools in Round 2. This translates to deadlines around Oct 1st to Oct 15th for the first set of applications. Now I am an expert on Applying to B-schools (that’s a different story!) and I know that even for the best writers, it takes around 2 months to write a good set of essays. But to make them great, plus filling out those lengthy forms, managing your transcripts, supporting documents and constantly poking your recommenders will add another 1 month to your timeline.

Now that means July, August and September are consumed in applying for the October Deadlines. Now you may like it or not, many people have to retake the GMAT and so keep that 1 Month buffer in your plan. That takes care of June too. BTW you cannot retake the GMAT within one month of your last attempt. So that’s why the 1 month buffer.

So that leaves you with 5 months. An above average student takes around 3 months to prepare. An average student is what I will keep in mind and for him I think 4 months is spot on. More than that, he will lose focus and less than that may be a bit over whelming. All my students who have prepared gave the tests before May end. Now this may have started making you anxious. So now you see why I ask you to start early! So anyway, the point is you should start your preparation in full blow by March so that you have a good time line. But use that time in Jan for researching about schools a bit, do some introspection and by Feb you should have at least finished one basic guide and one diagnostic test to see what you are up against.

Time Management

The next important thing is figuring out your current situation and how much time you should devote daily for the Preparation. I have seen that if left to their own devices people tend to lapse to old habits of procrastinating. But with some determination and good habits, they were able to take out 4 hours easily. Hell even I studied for 4 hours daily. I came home after office, took a 20 mins break and then sat for 4 hours at a stretch. Initially it was taxing, but it became a habit and a good one because I was able to coast through the GMAT Exam which is again of around 4 hours. So make space for those 4 hours. If nothing at least for 4 months.

Studying Methodology

Then the next important and most important thing is to frame a studying methodology. I highly recommend these two methodologies. They are tried and tested. Every single person who has followed it after I suggested this to them, have told me how this changed the entire game.

Block methodology

A block is a lot of around 50 questions. You are required to have a small notebook, in which each page represents one block. The heading will have date, time, page no. of the book and topic name. Then the question numbers. After you have done one block of exercise, the page will have:

  • Answers against each question number, the second choice (in case you had a doubt).
  • A small description of the error you found or a flaw in CR or the math concept, etc.
  • And finally your accuracy level and what you learnt from the whole exercise.

This will build your physical stamina and build longer periods of mental toughness and focus.

Check the explanations for each question (even the ones you got right). Make sure you are in perfect alignment with the explanations. It’s really helpful to ask yourself that will you be able to give a precise explanation of the answer in case you were teaching a class? And never pat your back if you got a fluke.

Make a note of the reasons why you got the answer wrong. Whether it was a careless error or a conceptual error.

Performance GRID

It can do wonders for your preparation…trust me. It’s a simple grid which can have columns for the question number, your answer, right/wrong, a brief description of the concept used (e.g. idioms, modifier, parallelism…for CR it can be Strategy…likewise). I would suggest you to make an excel and get like 50 print-outs with 100 questions per page. You can group them according to section/book. I would prefer a section-wise categorization. Generally you would do 50 questions per session. So at the end of 50 questions you can have an accuracy meter or something. I am sure all of you are creative enough to make such a chart which you can refer back to assess your difficulty areas.

This chart will help you filter out the tougher problems. So in the next round of solving the same problems (Yes!! next round…you have to solve the same questions again till your accuracy level goes up!! At least you would like to make sure that you are totally confident in the question types you have in your material).


Last but not the least…Books! This is very important guys. I mean surely you wouldn’t want your preparation to be going on a wrong line. Some books aren’t just complete in their content. Some don’t give you those “tips” which anyone aiming at a good score would want to have. So it finally boils down to having a set of materials rather than having just one book or one study material. But the question remains…which ones?? Read this article which will guide you in buying the best material. But here I will give you a quick plan to get the books as per need and your stage in the GMAT preparation.

Week 1 & 2

Week 3

Week 4 & 5

Week 6 & 7

Week 8

Week 11 & 12

Week 13 & 14

The Grand Design

Phase I: Assessment (2 Weeks)

  • Familiarize yourself with GMAT Sections.
  • Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Finish a standard GMAT guide to have an overview of all the sections and question types.
  • Take a diagnostic TEST.

Phase II: Build Up (6 Weeks)

  • This is where you will go through each topic one-by-one.
  • This phase lies at the heart of your preparation and you should be able to score well even after completing just this phase itself.
  • This is basically divided into 6 weeks of 3 Quants and 3 Verbal.
  • You will dedicate one week each to SC, CR and RC.
  • SC Manhattan is a good place to start for SC because it has good theory on grammar. You will also finish the corresponding problems from OG.
  • For CR and RC, I recommend Kaplan Verbal. We will also finish the corresponding problems from OG 12 in a timed manner.
  • For Quants you have 5 strategy guides. They are fairly basic and you should be able to finish the 5 books along with OG questions.
  • After the second phase or two months into your preparation, this will be a good time to take a TEST (not GMAT Prep).

Phase III: Recovery (3 Weeks)

  • After you take the test, you will know what your weaknesses and strengths are.
  • In the next three weeks we will try to finish the CR and RC Manhattan guides and Kaplan Maths Workbook.
  • Depending on which section you need more help in, you can distribute it as 2 Verbal Weeks and 1 Quants week OR 1 Verbal Week and 2 Quants Week.
  • Take the GMAT Prep 1 TEST.

Phase IV: Advanced (3 Weeks)

  • After you take the first GMAT Prep test, you will have a fair idea of how your score is going to look like. You can kind of expect at least that score.
  • In this stage we will try to advance to tougher material.
  • The best book for this is Kaplan GMAT 800.
  • The idea is to go through the sections very quickly in this book and apply the learning in solving the Official Guide Verbal and Quant Review Books.
  • This will give you an idea as to how your accuracy has improved compared to your past performance.
  • During this phase you take two more tests.

Phase V: Testing (2 Weeks)

  • After advancing through tougher concepts and solving harder problems, you will be almost ready for the big day.
  • But before that you have to get into the Test mode.
  • For this you will take a full length mock test every alternate day.
  • In between days you will revise the notes, redo the tougher problems, etc.
  • Two days before the D-day you should take the GMAT Prep 2. This will give you a fair idea of how your preparation is.
  • Relax the final day; go over the formulae sheet and flash cards.
  • All the best!



Preferably on a weekend

  1. Arrange all the books on your table. Get a bundle of blank sheets for all the rough work. Get one diary/journal to keep a daily log of your scores. And use your notebook (thin) for taking down all the notes while you are learning. Get a pen (not a pencil), preferably black ink, and a sketch pen to make charts. Also get a tiny bundle of post-its and a white and a black chart paper.
  2. Read all you can about the GMAT exam on the official website and the introduction part of any of the GMAT guide (Kaplan GMAT or Princeton GMAT). Educate yourself about the CAT methodology of the test. Look at the different types of questions that come on the GMAT. See how each section looks like. Familiarise yourself!!
  3. Finally take a diagnostic and feel good even if you didn’t do well. Take a break and think how was it! Go over the analysis section and see what was the toughest/easiest section.

Next Week

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  1. Hi MuKul,

    Thanks a lot for helping us out!!!!!!!
    You have asked to take a full length test after day 14. So will that be from any Kaplan or Princeton Book or some specific book and where I will get the “GMAT Prep 1 TEST.”

    I am planning to take GMAT in September and as advised I have purchased all the books.

    • Hey Shuvabrata,

      The Kaplan or the Princeton book will have a full length practice test at the end. They also have adaptive tests on CDs/DVDs which we will keep for later.

      GMAT Prep 1 is the official Mock test which you download from the


  2. Thanks, for a nice plan to give us.

  3. Hey Mukul,

    This plan looks more doable now! I will follow it religiously and keep you posted on my progress!


  4. = A Big Thank you =
    Hi Mukul,
    I have been following this site since last year when I gave my GMAT.
    I scored 740. Just wanted to thank you for all the great stuff you have put here.I would credit you for the extra 40 marks I scored in the GMAT by following your prep methods.
    What I liked the most is the approach you suggested – look forward to the GMAT and customize your preparation according to your weakness.

    Now anyone who asks me about how to crack the GMAT, I simply point them to – a one stop non-preaching practical prep guide to GMAT.

    Thanks again. AWESOME website.

    • Thanks man! Means a lot. Very happy for you. Hope you get into a bschool of your choice. Keep in touch with our nice, small, no-BS GMATing community here 🙂


  5. Someone pointed out which diagnostic to use. I recommend using the Offcial Guide Diagnostic.


  6. Hi Mukul
    Awesome Site 🙂
    its a treasure trove of information for everyone who plans
    to crack GMAT.. I’ve already suggested this awesome site to a few
    of my friends who have recently started GMAT Prep..
    Great Work
    Keep going 🙂


    • Thank you Abhi. As I have said, this initiative is for people like you and it needs to be told to everyone. My sincerest thanks.


  7. Awesome site mukul, a difficult job well done.
    Just a suggestion that along with amazon, links for flipkart can also be added.
    This site has already been recommended to friends, so keep up the good work and we shall also keep meeting on PG.

    • Thank you man! Glad you liked it 🙂 Will surely try to incorporate your comment 🙂

      Please request more content which should be added to the website…I want to make it super useful.


  8. Hi Mukul,

    Just went through the methodology you adopted …..
    its very systematic I have to admit …
    One suggestion I wanted from you is when should I appear for the test,given that I am planning to join a B-School next year i.e. 2012.


    • As I said you should give it by July. But if you started late, then dont hurry it up. First thing is to crack the gmat. Even if you take it by aug-sep, you have plenty time to apply in round 2.


  9. Hi Mukul,

    I have sent you a message through the “contact me” link at the bottom of the page.

    Have you received the same?

  10. Hi
    Please can you help me
    i couldn’t exactly follow how to use the performance grid methodology
    could you please elaborate ?

    [i downloaded the OG12 Grid .]

    • So it goes like this:

      Let’s say you went through S-V agreement and Parallelism today. You open the grid, put the S_V an Parallelism filter ON. Now take the printout ad solve the questions putting the answers against them. The ones you get wrong, you put a flag against them. Like Tough or something. Once you have done the OG completely, what you can do is, again comeback and put the Tough fliter on. THen do all the questions again which you got incorrect the first time.
      is that clear?


  11. Hi Mukul,
    first of all hats off to u for such a brilliant study plan. Your noble act is going to benefit the mass at large. I was not having much idea about GMAT untill i hit this site. Thankyou very much. However when i went through the plan, i felt sad that I havent started till now. Didn’t know the actual deadlines. But if i start now, my prep plan would extend from June – September. Anyways i wont be able to target much colleges so i will apply next year but write the gmat this year. I just wanted to apply to few colleges this year. As i was checking for ISB, which is my dream college, there is a second round of applications till mid November. Do you think applying in second rounds is as good as First round? Why/Why not ? will i be eligible for other top rated colleges if i give the exam in September end? or should i wait for another year and then apply? btw my work ex is 3 yrs currently

    • I took it on 30th Oct. 2nd is as good as 1st. You should still be okay.


      • thankyou so much Mukul…u have given me a thrust to go for it and beat the GMAT now….:)

      • i too plan on taking the GMAT around Sep ..
        will I be able to apply for Round 1 ?

        • A bit tight…Moost US b schools have R1 deadlines around 1st week of Oct. You cannot possibly write essays and everything in a month.
          R2 will be more realistic. But remember, there is no difference between R1 and R2. Yeah Early decision rounds are different with better yields.


  12. Hi Mukul, as I was ordering the KAPLAN GMAT PREMIER WITH CD ROM from AMAZON for the initial weeks of study , i saw 2012 edition has also come up. but i am not sure whether i should buy this one or the 2011 edition for the simple reason that 2012 edition might be tailored on the lines of the new pattern to be implemented in 2012. Moreover I am assuming that the tests that they are providing will also be of the newer pattern. kindly suggest which book to go for ? i m a little confused here..

    • Ok. 2012 edition has an extra section dedicated to it. But it will still retain the older ones. look at it as an addition over the 2011. But if you are not thinking of procrastinating the GMAT for so long, go for 2011. Otherwise take the 2012. 2012 wont hurt you. And its only a tad bit costlier I guess. So I wud suggest 2012. Simply becuz its not gonna miss anythong from earlier edtions and its not very costly over the last edition.
      Lemme know what u decided.

      • see cost is not an issue for me as long as it is beneficial..i am more concerned about the TESTS that they will provide…if the tests r of 2012 pattern then it will be a waste i guess..if there is an assurance that test pattern would be of 2011 then i will surely go for 2012 edition…it may be stupid to think that the test pattern will be of 2012 coz GMAT hasnt started with its new pattern yet but if u r sure that 2012 edition tests will be similar to current pattern i will go for 2012 edition rite away…wat say?

  13. I am highly skeptical that the tests will be the future pattern. Anyway the test in the book is paper based. the online tests wont be new tests because they also cant be sure what exactly it will be. Don’t worry go for it. And 2012 tests are anyway same. Theres just an extra section. The existing sections are not gonna be affected.
    Read below:
    GMAC states: “The new section will replace one of the two writing sections currently on the exam. It will be scored separately and have a new audio component for some questions. The test’s current verbal and math sections will remain unchanged.” The new changes in the exam are the following:
    Test takers will need to interpret charts, graphs, and spreadsheets, and answer interactive questions that will test their analytical skills.
    Test takers will be asked to analyze information, draw out conclusions and determine relationships between data points.
    Test takers will wear headphones while taking this portion of the test. The use of headphones is a new feature that will help schools assess students’ auditory learning style.
    Rather than just multiple-choice questions, test takers will drag-and-drop data points, as well, as write mini-essays.

    • thanks bro… u r doing an awesome job…m gonna recommend this site to all my frnds preparing for GMAT:)

  14. Hi Mukul,

    I have been following your site for some time now and i must say its the most comprehensive prep site i have come across. Gr8 work.

    I have a total work ex of 2.6 years and i plan to write GMAT by October/Nov this year. A few questions:

    a) I have read in your post that ideally preparation should start in the 1st half and it is better to appear for the exam by mid year at max. So do you think my planned test date is correct?

    b)Before i started preparation for the exam, i appeared for a Diagnostic test and scored 500 🙁 . Given me score and assuming i am able to spend 2-3 hrs a day daily, is it a realistic target to expect a score of 690+?

    Waiting eagerly for your reply.

    • Hi Somenath,
      Glad you dropped by. Anything is achievable. 500 in a diag means nothing. If you can make it 3-4 hrs it will be great!

      Two things:
      2.6 yrs of work ex is on the lower side. One more yr and you shud be golden. i am countng the one yr you have between applying and enrolling.

      The other thing is Nov might be too late. Even R2 wud be a bit far fetched, assuming you want to put ini ur best.

      If I were you, I would apply next yr…and take my time to completely destroy the GMAT.

      my 2 cents!


      • Thanks a ton for your quick response 🙂 What you said is correct. So the idea which i have now is to start following the preparation plan as advised by you and let see where i stand in a couple of months time.


  15. Hey Mukul! So I have 49 days left until test day. I am somewhat behind schedule. I have found it difficult to follow the plan in the allotted times and due to some distractions and unforeseen events have fallen behind schedule.

    I have completed:
    -GMAT Premier
    -NOVA Quant
    -MGMAT SC Guide & corresponding OG 12th & OG VR 2nd ed. problems
    -MGMAT Number Properties Guide & corresponding OG 12th & OG VR 2nd ed. problems
    -MGMAT Fractions Decimals and Percents Guide & corresponding OG 12th & VR 2nd ed. problems

    What I have left:
    -Kaplan GMAT Verbal Workbook
    -MGMAT Equations/Inequalities/VICS guide & corresponding OG problems
    -MGMAT Word Translations Guide & corresponding OG problems
    -MGMAT Geometry Guide & corresponding OG problems
    -OG 12th and OG VR 2nd ed. CR & RC problems
    -Kaplan GMAT 800 (verbal and quant sections)
    -All the practice tests

    So I have 49 days to accomplish all that above.

    Across all sources my verbal accuracy is (RC-84%, CR-88%, SC-86%). In quant so far (Number properties and FDP on OG questions my accuracy is PS-79%, DS-74%). In Kaplan Premier I was at PS-74%, DS-42% and Nova I was at PS-83%). I scored 550 on the Kaplan paper test after completing just the Kaplan Premier program and then like a day later took the 1st MGMAT CAT and scored 650. Much to my surprise after studying NOVA Quant and the MGMAT SC guide, I took my 2nd MGMAT online CAT and scored a 550! I couldn’t believe I had studied so much only to see my score drop. My quant on that one was horrible and my verbal was only in the 85th percentile. I haven’t taken another practice test since then.

    I’m trying to decide whether I should scrap the Kaplan Verbal Workbook since I’m a little pressed for time. I calculated it and even if I perform perfectly it will take me 47 days to get through everything. That will only leave me like a day or two for practice tests. If I eliminate the Verbal Workbook, that might save me between 6-9 days (depending on whether I completed the sections in 2 days or 3 days each). What do you think I should do?

    I also purchased BTG practice problems that come with video explanations. How do you think I should use those and work those into the plan? What would you do if you were in my position at this point?

  16. I think this is what you should do:

    Verbal: Finish the GMAT 800 book first. Best theory for CR and good theory for RC. Finish it quickly but thoroughly. Do the practice sets in the book, make notes, learn tricks from examples…all that. Once you are done, you should target the OG and Verbal 2nd ed as your testiing grounds. Use block methodology for solving these. Give it in blocks and chart your accuracy.

    I would still try to do the SC bit from Kaplan Verbal workbook along with the GMAT 800 SC section…does that make sense?


    Since you seem to focus more on quants, the quant bit seems to take more time. Out of the three MGMAT books, Geometry and inequalities are not so dense. And I sincerely believe it can be finished very quickly. In geo target chapters which you are weak in….may be coordinate, circles…the more advanced bit. Inequalities book is where you should put more focus, and i am assuming you to be similar to other students, who are relatively weaker in inequalities.

    49 days mean 7 week. I would do all this in 5 weeks. And I would keep the last two weeks for tests..test marathon.

    Another thing…scores mean nothing. Percentiles do. But againi sectional percentiles are of not much help. Total percentile is a better marker.

    Now this is what you shud target:

    not more than 5 mistakes out of 37 in quants.
    not more than 9-12 mistakes in Verbal. Lower the better. certainly not more than 4 mistakes in any one sub section…sc cr rc.

    So in summary….I have gmat 800 and 3 MGMAT books here. Plus I have to finsh the verbal from OG and Verb 2nd…I think 5 weeks is more than enuf if you can stay honest. averaging one book a week is easy. I have asked my students to do this, and they have done it easily. And you seem to be among the smarter lot.

    keep it going man…thanks for dropping by.

    Hope that helps…lemme know.



  17. You are the man! Thanks so much for your quick response! If I didn’t hear back from you I was going to do a big set of easy/medium OG problems of one section, then do the Kaplan 800 of that section, and follow that with the advanced OG problems of that section. Seems like you’re saying to go straight to the Kaplan 800 and then do all the OG problems. If I don’t have time to do all the practice CATs, and I have access to Kaplan, MGMAT, and Princeton should I prioritize one over the other or mix it up?

    • See, i want you to proritize tough concepts over easy OG problems. thats why gmat 800 first and then breeze thru OG all the while applying what u learnt.

      and leave princeton tests if u r short on time.


  18. hey can u please suggest me how do i start with???i have plenty of time like around one year for preparation.can u brief me a little bit about which books to refer and wat is the first thing i need to do to initiate my GMAT prep?

    • Follow the schedule. Everything is already meticulously laid down.
      Theres a 4 month schedule and that should work.

      Hope that helps.


  19. Hi Mukul,wrote to you in the “contact me” menu.Should I ask the question here also?

    • Thanks for your reply Mukul

  20. Hi Mukul, thank you so much for your website. Great study plan strategy. Just wondering when you would recommend starting to use the Kaplan GMAT 800 if we’re following the above plan?


    • Yes. Thats around week 12-14.

      • Awesome. Thanks!!

  21. Hi Mukul,
    Thanks for this site loaded with valuable information. If I take my GMAT at the end of this year, then as per my understanding, I will be eligible for R1 only in 2013? If so, am I better off taking the test around May-June? Please clarify. Thanks in advance for your help!

  22. Hi Mukul,
    I was waiting to book a slot in March and checking the net every 15 mins today. But the thing is that the delhi pearson vue centre shows only the slots on Wednesdays and that too 9:00 am. I called up Pearson vue representative and they told me that march is quite far and hence once march is near other slots may also get enabled. So should I take risk and wait for dec-jan to book a slot? or should i book the slots now?? do u have any experience in this regard??

  23. hi mukul,
    i gave my first test on gmat prep and got a score of 550. its disappointing. i got 49 in quant and 17 in verbal. hws that i can improve.

  24. Hi Mukul,
    I just read your GMAT prep guide and I believe it’s what I was looking for.
    I am a non native speaker and I am starting to study Gmat this year.
    Thanks a lot for these posts.

  25. Great site.
    To the point and in depth analysis of GMAT preparation. Now I’m sure I can clear the GMAT.

  26. Hey.. I’ve got a prep time of about 2 months.. n let’s say i don’t need to start from scratch.. i’m about 30% into my prep..
    Could u suggest some pointers on way forward?


  27. Hi Mukul,
    I am a B.Sc. Math Hons. final year student. I know its mad to dream of a business schhol in last year of your graduation. Everybody tells me that. But I want to do be a leading business-woman one day and want to do my MBA just after my graduation.
    To be more precise,
    I have a back up plan as well. I will go for GMAT and GRE subject test and go for an integrated Ph.D from US.

    But as you said the SCORE REPORT SHALL BE SENT only to 5 SCHOOLS. I want to apply for 5 business schools and 5 other universities(for doctorate in maths) and use my GMAT score report for all of them. IS IT POSSIBLE?

    Plz reply ASAP

  28. Hi Mukul,
    gr8 work you have put up to help people with GMAT prep.
    I am looking forward to start soon.

  29. hi, i am working as Manager IT with infosys having 10 yrs of work exp. Is it a good option for me if i go with MBA now. i havestarted my GMAt preperations finding verbal and data sufficiency part very difficult any help on that as well.
    thank you
    +91 9922941510

  30. Hi MuKul,

    I am preparing for GMAT from past one month. Last week I gave my first mock (Manhattan mock 1) and I scored 51 in maths and 33 in Verbal 🙁 ,Also in verbal I cracked CR with 12 out of 14 questions correct along with a good speed.

    I performed very poorly in Sentence correction and Reading comprehension mostly because of very slow speed. I am ready to do anything to improve on this front.Kindly suggest some methodology, material… which can help me improve.

    Thanks and Regards,

  31. Hi Mukul- The gmat has added an Integrated Reasoning section and I am curious to know if you think there would be anywhere strategic to use the Manhattan IR study guide in your weekly study plan? Also, thanks for putting up your site. It has definitely added a lot of clarity to the beginning of this whole process!

  32. Hi Mukul,
    I see that your blog was written a little over two years ago, and there have been many new editions of the OG, Manhattan GMAT etc. books, therefore I just wanted to know, keeping the same study plan format can u give me an update on the books that I would need to buy?

    Thanks heaps!

  33. Hi Mukul,

    I plan to take my GMAT on coming June 2013. Here are my books that I plan to read. Please give me some ideas if it is right way? I want to score above 700.

    Maths preparation: Time CAT material( Have critical reasoning also)
    Integrated reasoning and SC: Manhattan

    Please tell me if I need to buy any more books?

    Thanks Much:-)

  34. Hi mukul….m doing 2 yr and want to give gmat exam in 2015 as i wil b graduated till than…but i dnt hv work experience , m i eligible for mba full time…..plz reply

  35. Hi Mukul,

    My name is Debabrata Mishra. I have three years of work experience. I went through your website. I would like to ask whether the methodology which you have jotted down over work for people who have not so good background in English or does it work only for people with good English skills? Your immediate response on this question will be highly appreciated.

    Debabrata Mishra

    • Yes it does work for them too. It’s especially tailored for them.


  36. Hey man,
    your blog reflects a lot of inspiration and i can certainly feel your excitement coming out of every word written in here!!!Concerning the books,a frined of mine gave me 11 gb of GMAT ebooks which is really kind but i dont have access to the online sources they provide.Will this be a major problem and so should i buy the new stuff or will the material in those books suffice by itself?If not could you tell me wich online sources are essential so that i buy those books?
    I should say i have 90 % of the books u list here in ebook form but i cant access the online sources via code.
    thx a lot!!!

  37. Hi Mukul,

    I have gone through your mixture and combination problems. I love your shortcuts and techniques. Could you please post more videos exhibiting your quant skills which might help us.

    Thank you,

  38. Hi Mukul,

    Your week wise breakup is very detailed. I was wondering if you have it all the way up to the last week ? The last detailed break up is for Week 10. And then the link for ‘Next Week’ takes me to the Subscribe page.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hey Shilpi,

      It will be here soon. Btw which week are you on?

      • Hi !

        I am just getting started. But i needed an end to end estimate so that i can make plans accordingly. So glad you replied – i was looking at your link about ‘Books’ just about now and am thinking of starting off with your ‘Starter Package’ and depending on how that goes, choose between Standard Package or Rescue Package (though this is part of your week wise breakup). As a side note, would this be a better place to get one on one advice or sending message to GMATing on fb would be better? It is so encouraging to be able to talk to someone while going through this process (esp when i dont really have the luxury of time and prepping for this 1st attempt itself is going to take a lot of juggling and planning not just by me but my family).

  39. Hi Mukul,

    Have been reading your blog and it has been very helpful for a novice MBA aspirant like me. Coming to the fear in my head now,

    I’m a masters degree holder(non IIT)having 8+ yrs of experience in IT in Pune. Have around 3+ yrs experience of working abroad. Have been contemplating this idea of doing an MBA for a while now.

    I’m aiming for a GMAT this year and hopefully start applying next year.
    I’ll need atleast 4-5 months of prep since I’ve almost forgotten all the geometry/ algebra part that we learn at school. Must admit that the Math part scares me a little.

    Please give me an honest feedback, Must I do an MBA now or look for other options to grow in my career. Will 8-9 yrs experience be anadvantage or disadvantage?


  40. Hi Mukul,

    Thank you so much for sharing these prep / guide on how to hit a high GMAT score. I am planning to write mine late this year. I will give you feedback on my prgress. Keep up the good work!

  41. Hi Mukul,

    I have been preparing for a long time now but i feel it is not progressing anywhere. Can you please update your preparation method to latest one as there are few changes in present GMAT format.


  42. Great post! Thanks so much Mukul!

  43. Hi Mukul,

    I have bought the books as mentioned by you.
    Firstly, I would like join B School next year. When should i give the exam ?
    Secondly I am quiet weak when when English is concerned. Do i have to do something extra ?
    Thirdly, What to do about the essay part.

    Thanks in advance

    • All the best Surabhi. You should take the exam now. First round deadlines are usually October. You need atleast 2-3 months to write your essays. So you must finish your GMAT before that. Round 1 does not look doable as of now.
      For english just follow the schedule i have put up.

      • I have not started studies till now. I will start from this weekend.
        I was thinking of giving in first week of november and I am planning for ISB only.
        I was talking about the essays we have to write in GMAT exam, dont have any idea about it and it will be first time i will be appearing for this exam.


  44. Hi Mukul,

    Need your valuable guidance hoping for a quick revert….many thanks in anticipation. Sorry in advance for writing such long passage…

    So I had appeared for GMAT halfheartedly almost 2 years back…i had prepared for a while ….as i used to like quant…i prepared the same very well…also i was doing all this on my own….i used to really go nuts with Verbal and honestly i never understood the concepts or understanding was superficial….i used to primarily approach gut feeling…
    So with 2-3 month prep 1.5 month i actively prepared for quant…verbal with zero motivation i just tried to solve OG & Manhattan books…i attempted…OG twice thoroughly all sections…and with the D-DAY approaching…i knew i had cheated myself with prep…so was not at all motivated and managed to score mere 600…..(quant was 46 and verbal for 31 types..)

    Now i am all motivated again and really want to change my career path drastically… i am even planning to take up T.I.M.E weekend classes just to be more disciplined with study plan…also to have people around me who are pushing themselves for GMAT devil…and this time i really want to prepare scientifically…i need you to please help me how should i go about for verbal…i am somehow confident i will manage quant..

    To give you further perspective about myself…i have already done my MBA from NMIMS and engg..have a working ex of almost 4 years…and i intend to pursue PHD as i want to get into academics and in some really impact-full research business… i am taking your study plan as bible…and would follow…but i am more concerned about verbal thing…please guide.. thanks again

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  46. Hi mukul ,
    Can you please guide me if its a good idea to pursue MBA through GMAT in India and from where can i get the necessary guidance for that.I already have two years of work ex

  47. Dear Mukul,

    I am preparing to sit for the GMAT exam and have been researching how to study. came across your plan and liked it. I just want to ask you if your plans considers the new GMAT which includes the Integrated Reasoning? and how best do you advise we study for?

  48. Dear Mukul,

    I am preparing to sit for the GMAT exam and have been researching how to study. came across your plan and liked it. I just want to ask you if your plans considers the new GMAT which includes the Integrated Reasoning? and how best do you advise we study for it?


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