My Journey So Far

This article is closest to my heart for obvious reasons. It has motivated many souls and have changed many lives in small or big ways. It’s not about getting a 770 really, but what it is about is chasing your dreams which teaches you to why failures are the first step towards success.

The endless road

I as a person believe that what makes one an achieverΒ is passion. If you love what you are doing, you will succeed. During my preparation time, I saw each minute as an opportunity to study for GMAT. Hence, every single minute wasted meant frustration to me. I love that itch…you know…that constant thing going inside you, which says, “hey! You gotta go back…you’re not studying”. So whenever I got frustrated or bogged down, I just told to myself that things will be just fine if I could go back to studies.

A bit of background…

Life was good when I was doing my engineering at IIT Delhi. The future looked bright and getting into India’s top B-schools aka IIMs looked more like a natural phenomenon than an endeavor. Complacency surrounded me and brought a series of failures. CAT (Career Apti Test) was a disaster; I failed miserably. Till now I have taken CAT two times and screwed up the DI section both the times. Having scored fairly high in both the quants and verbal sections, I convinced myself that DI was just not my cup of tea. I can’t tell you how stupid I feel when I look back and realize I had no backup plan. Over-confident as I was that I would make it to the IIMs, I never really thought about the job. I applied for the very first companies to come to the campus which turned out to be IBM. I was devastated, to say the least, to see all my batch mates go to IIMs and some to big companies like McKinsey, BCG, ML, etc. I felt like a loser. I still believe that my preparation was not bad, but some things are just meant to happen in a certain way. I can’t express in words how miserable I felt when I had to leave IIT with a mediocre IT job. I did some introspection and got some advice from my sister who’s in US. She told me something which now I firmly believe in : “everything happens for a reason”. May be I didn’t clear CAT because I have something better to look forward to. She told me to prepare for GMAT and meanwhile get the feel of the industry. That’s what I did. I didn’t try to switch my job and do anything funky. I took an optimistic stand at the state of things and looked for areas of weakness in profile which I hoped to iron out at IBM.

I came to Pune in Aug ’05 (and been there till March’11 when finally I moved to the States). I didn’t expect my prep to start right away, so I waited and it was only in June when I started thinking about GMAT. I took out my Kaplan 2004 guide, which I had bought in IIT but never actually read. Initially the prep didn’t get kick started. The reason was that I didn’t have a test date.

Lessons learnt till now:

  • Forget about past failures. Remember the lessons learnt.
  • Look forward…try options and always have a positive attitude.
  • Have a dream and be passionate about it.
  • Lastly get a test date…keep yourself on the toes and focused!!

Preparation phase

I took a test date: 30th Oct ’06. I can never forget this date. My actual preparation started only in Aug when I finally took the date. I started looking for resources on the web : PagalGuy posts, beattheGMAT, scoretop, etc. I downloaded some stuff from eSnips, mostly notes. Strategizing was never a problem for me; I know how to study to make the most out of my efforts. The trick is simple : first thing is that I don’t think of/do anything when I am studying and the other thing I do, which is kinda strange but works for me, is that I make a commitment to myself and all the time I think about how bad I would feel if i didn’t keep that. So I set an honest goal of 720 for myself. Into a month of preparation, and I knew which areas I lacked in. I did a complete analysis of all my efforts and recognized areas where I needed to push myself further. I was lacking the accuracy because I was making silly mistakes. And If I could cut down my silly mistakes and brush up some old CAT concepts, a 750 is not impossible for me. I took GMAT prep for the first time and scored 710. I was happy to see the 700 figure…and happiness is good..especially if you’ve been in a depression for a long time!! It boosted my morale and with a bolstered confidence I made a master plan for me.

The plan was for Sep and Oct…2 months. I made a big chart, basically a calendar with big blocks for each day. I collected all the material : 1000 SC, 1000 CR, OG 10, Kaplan guide, Kaplan 800, Kaplan verbal, SC Manhattan, and the test CDs (Kaplan, GMAT Prep, and IMS). I made a schedule wherein I fitted all of that in those 2 months. Each day I would come after office and before having dinner, start my study sessions. At the end of the day I would cross out the date…like an executioner. The crosses gave me confidence and a sense of satisfaction and more importantly a visual map pf my progress path. It felt good to see that the days were not just passing by but I was progressing and getting nearer to my goal. I stuck post-its all over my place with quotes and motivational stuff. Each day when I woke up I would know that I would finish this section/topic/exercise today. I knew that GMAT was the only way to redeem myself. I took TOEFL on 1st Oct, which helped me get a feel of the computer test. I also learnt a lesson that always reach your centers early. I was mostly inline with my schedule and some days when I could not keep up with the schedule, I would make up for the lag on weekends. I had scheduled my sessions taking the possibility of over times at the office. Two weeks before the test I started my practice test Marathon. I had 12 IMS tests, 4 Kaplan tests, 1 GMAT test. I finished all of them in those two weeks.

  • 12 IMS tests – not so good. CR was no way GMAT type. Quants was good. Helped me with time management in quants but totally screwed up in English mainly because CRs were very short, unlike the ones on the actual GMAT which take a good deal of time just to read the question part.
  • Anyways I moved to Kaplan. I was aware of the notorious reputation of Kaplan tests. So I knew that if I managed a 650 average on all 4 tests, I was doing good and i did manage that avg score.
  • I had kept the GMAT prep for the last, because I knew its the fairest approximation. So i took it two days before and scored a 740. I was sure i would get 740-750 on GMAT.

The last 2 days I prepared for AWA and revised my SC notes, CR pointers and did some reading, mostly about random stuff.

Lesson learnt :

  • Keep the GMAT prep test 2 for last day.
  • Memorize the format of GMAT Prep. It’s exactly the same, even the colors, except of course the questions and time limitations.

the D-day:

I went to Mumbai a day before and stayed at my fellow IITian friend’s place (thanks Somu!). Had a light chit-chat mostly about the good old days at IIT when all we had to do was play Quake 3 and gossip at nescafe. I woke up early and reached the center way early. The guard didn’t allow me in before time so had to wait with other anxious candidates. Finally the moment arrived. We all went in and after the usual yada lada (read formalities) entered the test room. I was totally relaxed and that’s what happens when you have honestly put in your 100%. I thought to myself, “Mukul this is your chance buddy. You have taken so many tests and scored well, there is no reason why you would screw up today. You ARE going to make it big.” And then I thought of my parents and how happy they would be if I do what I had in mind. JET SET GO : paced through the usual yada lada, arrived at the AWA section. Breezed through. Then there was the optional break after one hr of AWA…which I didn’t take!! I should have taken though, but I was too excited. I started getting tough problems after 5-6 question, which meant I was doing well. And then I got stuck in a question which my IITian ego was not letting go off. But after some time better sense prevailed and I took an intelligent guess and moved forward.

Lessons learnt : Let go off a question after an intelligent guess if you have been trying it for more than 2.5 mins.

Overall I felt my Quants section went well, more than 50, I thought. Then took the break and after refreshing myself I buckled up for verbal. A BOLD FACE CR in the 6th question made me happy because I though I must be doing good. Now was the time to concentrate harder than ever and get this one right at any cost. I guess i did it correctly! After that I don’t know why, but I thought questions were easy. Happiness faded away and I got sad, but didn’t let myself be bothered. I finished the verbal well before time. And thennnnnnnnnnnnnnn the moment of Truth! I was so excited that I just paced through the screens (at least 10 screens) to come to a page which said, “show scores”??? Hell yesssssss!! I expected a 740 to be honest; but it said 770 !! I raised my hands and literally jumped up. I came out of the room when the invigilator looked at my score sheet and gave a big smile. I was ecstatic! Guys I am so much more relieved and confident now. I learnt a lot from my preparation. And I thought I would write all of this to help and motivate you guys.

Proud to share

I have shared my experiences and everything I know about the GMAT with you all on my blog. I know that it has helped so many test takers over the past more than 1 yr. It was time I have a website of my own, which I can design my own way and serve the world of GMAT takers in a better way. I am currently enrolled at Tuck Business School, Dartmouth for fall 2011. I am proud to be admitted to an Ivy League school of my liking. I am so excited to be there. Meanwhile I am working on this website so that it functions even when I will be busy during my MBA.

I have tried my best to make my knowledge and experiences reusable and hopefully my website will continue to serve everyone who has dared to dream. If I can do it, so can YOU! Happy GMATing!!!
Road to B-School: Part 1

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  1. Very inspiring story Mukul…Great job! Good luck with your MBA!!!

    • Thank you!

      • Sir, Nice to hear about your success story and congrats(though its too late )
        sir I am currently studying in 2nd year in an ordinary engineering college I have been a constant failure through out my life, but have the keen desire to pursue MBA from abroad and GMAT is the only road avialable…. sir I am totally a novoice in this field I want the right directions from where to start the gmat preparations… Sir hope you understand my problem and help me out in my crucial times I hope to give GMAT around the year 2016

      • Very Inspiring one!!! Nice Work Mukul!!!

    • Hi Mukul,
      Read your story about your success in GMAT. I would like to tell you that I am in the same boat as you were, 7-8 years back. I am very keen to get my MBA degree from a good school in US. I gave GMAT twice but ended up with 580 both the times. Unbelievingly, the same score ine ach section(Q47, V23). I miserably failed in Verbal. However, I took N number of Manhattan and 6 Kaplan tests. On all the Kaplan tests I scored between 630-650. I dont know how did I still get the same score both the times. I know you must be very busy with your progressing career, but I would be grateful to you if you could give some advice on this. I have 6 years of work experience in IT and I feel disgusting working here. Since 6 years I have pulled myself through this but now its high time. MBA is my passion and dream and I need to achieve it to get my good night sleep.

      All the best with your Endeavors !!!

  2. Great stuff with the site Mukul. Have an enriching Tuck experience. Are you still in Pune?

    • Thanks man! No I moved to US a few weeks back. But if theres anything I can do lemme know! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have been revamping the old site in my free time before Tuck. Don’t forget to share on Facebook/forums, etc.!

  3. Hey Mukul,

    I already left you a note on your blog for responding to my earlier comment. Well dnt wanna say “great stuff” abt this article coz that wud only be an understatement.

    Long story short – My endeavor with GMAT is to redeem the student in me which was lost some 15 yrs ago. Tough ask ahead but “don’t give up again” is the strategy now.

    You r doing a great job in helping ppl like me regain confidence.

    Thanks again

  4. Congratulations for the score and admit into TBS :)!!! I am starting my GMAT prep after reading your blog and this site!!! Thanks for all the wonderful posts!!!

  5. Hey Mukul,

    I have a query!!! Does GMAT requires study of word lists..? coz no where in your blog you laid emphasis on word lists!!! I also scanned through SC & CR sections from OG!!!I didn’t find any critical words!! So I assume that words are not that important for the preparation unlike GRE where people say word list is important. Please suggest.


    • No they are not required, unlike in GRE. So you don’t have to sweat. Just the normal decent vocab is good enough.

  6. Thank you Mukul, will start my prep right away!!!

  7. Hey mukul,
    how mach time need for a good GMAT preparation .please tell me something about this.

  8. Hello Mukul,

    I am a disappointed CAT taker too twice albeit (97 and 98 πŸ™ ), I have got around 40 days to prepare for my test. Can you suggest a schedule ? I can devote 4-5 hours daily. Run my own firm so have my own schedule of working.

    I look forward to your guidance and help.


    • Fantastic. 4-5 Hours is just right.

      here is the schedule. Look at it. It is very detailed. And subscribe to my site so that you get regular updates and the schedule as it comes.

      • Thanks.much helpful πŸ™‚

  9. hey mukul,
    I want to take GMAT exam.I know something about GMAT.But now i want to start my preparation for GMAT exam.tell me how much time need for a student to take this preparation.i am nervous.

  10. Hey Navila,

    As I said earlier, it would be around 4 months.

    See this:


    • Thanks for your information.

  11. Hi Mukul,
    Recently I started preparation for GMAT and planning to take the exam on this September. Today i have taken diagnostic test and i got 350.

    I felt like a loser, I’m planning to get 750+ in my actual GMAT and started preparation. Now I am getting fear like will i get this much of score in this less period of time?

    I have only 4 months time to achieve this score. Is this enough time to reach my goal or can i post pone my exam date. Please guide me.. now I’m in a confuse state.


    • Hi Mukul,
      Even i have the same problem like Kayan.. 4 months is really enough time for get the 700+..


      • Yeah it is. I got a 770 with exactly 2 months of prep. SO you can also do it. Just FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW the schedule. If you go to week 3 page, there is this guy who posted a comment, read that. You guys will be inspired.

    • 4 months is good. And if you follow the schedule here to the letter, you will get it. But FOLLOW it!

      Diagnostic tests mean nothing. Start afresh with this schedule. 4 weeks are posted, another 3 months are remaining and will come soon. Subscribe to the website.


  12. i have same problem like Rahul and kayan………..


  13. 770 in 2 months flat! Very inspirational, Mukul.

    More power to the dreamers.

    Have a great time at Tuck.

    – Sameer

  14. it’s too good inspiration.


  15. Thank you so much for the post. im planning to start my GMAT preperation and this really gave a good idea of preparation.
    Thanks once again.

  16. one word..LEGENDARY

  17. Hi Mukul,

    Where can i get these 1000 SC and 1000 CR problems materials which you used in your preparation phase.

    • click downloads on the top of the page!

      • Thanks Mukul!!!!!!!

        I am currently now in the “sentence correction” phase of my preparation. Just wanted to know that after the build up phase in which order we should appear for the tests. I mean kaplan test , Ims test and then the GMAt prep or in the reverse-order.
        After the build up phase you have asked to take a test. It will be great if you could let us know in which order Tests are to be taken.

        Thanking you in anticipation!!!

        • Kaplan IMS alternate and then GMAT Prep. But you will take one GMAT Prep after the build up phase.
          Hope that clears it.

  18. Hi Mukul,
    Very inspirational and helpful….
    Good luck with your MBA…

  19. Hello Mukul,
    I have exactly 2 months before I take the test your website given me the courage because I had this habit of procrastination. I have scheduled the exam and have started the preparations.


    • Cheers! And great job. Half the battle is won since you took the step. Keep us posted on the other half!


  20. Hey Mukul,

    I’m a final year (undergrad) Australian-Indian student. I’m aiming to apply to HBS’s 2+2 (Round 1 – due October) which gives me roughly 4 months to go from A – Z (or wherever I can take it to!). Your story is pretty much exactly what I needed to hear πŸ™‚ great work!

    Thinking of going back to India to do a crash course in GMAT prep (1 week or 10 days) just to grasp the basics. I left India years ago so I’m not entirely sure.. Would love to hear your opinion on this.


    • Going to India just for prepping is not the best idea IMHO. Down under it’s not so bad for GMAT either πŸ™‚ So many successful takers from there. How bout a good solid tight regime for self-study? You can take the website’s help you know.

      Keep us posted.


  21. hii

  22. Hi mukul
    Where is preparation 6+7+8 schedule. i don’t find this.please tell me.

  23. Hi mukul
    Where is 6+7+8 preparation schedule. I don’t fine this. please tell me.

  24. Hi Mukul,

    I don’t know what made me to write this to you. But I would like to say your story is like an eye opener for millions. I don’t have any IIT background or excellent mathematical or analytical brain in other words studious brain. But for me now GMAT is like last hope for something big which I am planning since 2 years. The day I will take my GMAT and get respected score will surely going to give you call :). It would be a thank you call:). My email is I hope can gain interesting things from your experiences in my life.

    Your journey will be carried forward by others like me in near future.


    Ankit Chaturvedi

  25. yes,this is 6,7,8
    Thanks Mukul

  26. hey mukul,
    just wanted to ask u if its possible to take gmat in USA coz i’ll be goin to san fransisco during the months of sep,oct and nov….
    just wondering wat to do!!!

    • Yes you can. It doesnt matter where you take it. While chosing test center, chose one in SF.

  27. thanks for the quick reply mukul.
    could u also tell me where i cld possibly find the various mock tests to take coz i havent taken any coaching for gmat.
    n jst went thru ur weekly plan to prepare…its great…just tht i havent all got all the books mentioned there.
    another question is tht being frm a mktng background(for the NGOs), do i stand a good chance at getting accepted at decent colleges

  28. i want to start my MBA at Jan session ,when i will take my GMAT exam.

  29. i start with my prep in the forthcoming week and this is so good to read. i’d say a good start πŸ™‚

  30. Hi Mukul,

    I have dropped a mail to you with some queries, please respond to it when you have free time πŸ™‚


  31. Hi Mukul,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Is a morale boost to those who’ve been to test in each phase of life. Indeed good to raise spirits πŸ™‚ Thank you.


  32. Hey Mukul,
    Very inspirational. I can see myself in all the phases that you mentioned above (though i am not an IITian). Somewhere or the other we all sail in the same boat, but hesitate to introspect and speak up. Great initiative buddy. All the best for you MBA.


  33. Hi Mukul,

    Really inspired the way you have suggested a simplified way to prepare for GMAT.

    I am planning to take GMAT June/July next year and really looking forward to get myself enrolled in ISB 2013 batch.

    Since I am working, managing 4 hours daily during weekdays seems slightly difficult (not impossible), can you plesae suggest if I can join some good training institute.

    My plan is to prepare on my own till Dec’11 and from Jan’12 join some institute to give a finishing touch to my preparation.

    Also, pls suggest, if all these books are read religiously to complete my preparation, joining some institute would still be needed.

    Best Regards,

    • I dont think you should make that decision before atleast spending some quality time self studying. Do that for 3-4 weeks and see how it goes. If its not going well, then may be you should think of that.


  34. Hi Mukul,

    I am planning to give GMAT in Feb\March next year, i am really inspired and motivated by your story, i was very confused on how to plan and prepare for this exam, but your website has been very useful. I have 3.5 yrs of experience in IT. Though i am good at Maths and reasoning, but i was average in my academics all through, please suggest if any coaching can be useful for preparation, and if it is which institute to go for in Pune.

    Best Regards,

    • First set a self study plan for 2-3 weeks. Religiously follow the schedule laid out here. If you feel it’s going no where, then look out for coaching institutes.


  35. Hi Mukul,

    I have 1 more week to go for my exam (Aug 11th). As of now i am stuck at 620 (Q40, V33). Should i consider re-scheduling? I am not sure if i can get to 720 (my target) in a week.

    RC is my area of concern. How do i improve in a week.
    I make silly mistakes in Quant (which i need to concentrate:)), along with time constraint, which makes me quess 3 to 4 questions (and all goes wrong).

    what do you suggest?

    Thanks in advance.

  36. Inspired.. Like like like~~`

  37. Hey Mukul,
    Thanks a lot for your earlier guidance regarding the books and the order in which they should be read. I ended with a 730 and I am quite satisfied that atleast I may not be rejected from a B-School just on the basis of score. I have a little query – Whether to apply to Haas Business School? A brief about my qualifications: IIT 2009 batch | W Ex.: Manufacturing sector -2.6 yrs| Internships: One international and one at a top management college of India …and good extra currics.

    Do I have a fair chance in getting an interview call from Haas? With the current profile, should I apply to it or to just let it go and look for some other equivalent options?
    Hope to get a reply soon.

  38. Mukul,

    Very Inspirational !Thanks a lot for sharing your experience and motivating others who wants to take the GMAT journey. I’ve scheduled my GMAT in December, 2011.

    Would need your help in plan the schedule.

  39. Congratuations!! Mukul.. impressed to read your blogs…
    Great to see u and found you are finally at right place. This is Ritesh sitting right to you in IBM Shankar Seth office in CaremarK. I am in US at Cincinnati OH.

  40. Mukul, youre story is very awesome. Thank you for sharing with the world!

    • thanks big guy! means a lot that you dropped by!


  41. Hi Mukul!

    I had based my preparation schedule on your advice and timelines…I found the preparation journey quite fulfilling though result turned out to be mediocre..

    GMAT Score: 700-90%ile (Q49, V35)

    My target schools: Tuck (best fit),Kellogg,Ross,Yale in that order
    Work ex- 3 years by matriculation at Tata Motors…1year GM exp, 1 yr Manufacturing…
    Extra-curricular/Position of Responsibility: Solid credentials

    Would you suggest me to take another try for 750 or I should think about applying in this cycle itself?

    Most probably would switch career to Non-profit this year…

    Please advise…


  42. Hey Mukul,I would like to thank you. I followed this site throughly and made some personal adjustments in the end of my preparation. Yesterday I scored 720(Q49,V40) and I am very very happy with the result.I own at least 50 points to this site. Thanks again.Wish you all the best.

    • Hey Man! Congrats! thats an awesome score…all the best for your applications. Rock on!

      • At last! Someone with the insight to solve the prombel!

    • Congrats buddy.All the best for your applications.

    • Your story was really invaemotifr, thanks!

  43. Hi..your success story is really inspiring. I’ve just started my gmat preparation. But was really not sure if it is possible to study with my IT job. But after reading your experience, I got some motivation that I too can do it. πŸ™‚

  44. Hi Mukul,

    I was reading your blog for quite a few days.I have almost 2 years of experience.I think an MBA might push my career a little faster. I would really love to know; is there any differences between the salary given by the big Consulting(Like MBB)or Financial companies(Like JP Morgan or Goldman Sachs)at top 10 us MBA schools & at IIMS ? Or it’s just a bubble publishing in newspaper about the flow of money in us universities. what’s the advantages are there for an experienced person with a foreign degree ? Does a us MBA really worth, as it’s a very big step to pursue an MBA from western countries. To go or not to go for an international MBA ? Being an insider your views would be most helpful.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Well you can look at it in many ways. If you are looking at it from a financial perspective I believe you will be well off if you could get into IIMs or ISB. It will be much easier for you to cope on many levels. No big loans, not having to deal with crazy paperwork, visa, health insurance forms, emotional stress, long distance relationships, etc.

      But having said that, the best thing about an international MBA is the social network you will have. It’s unmatched. Also the professors, the whole experience is absolutely fantastic. If you have never had an international academic experience, it will change your life.

  45. hi mukul sir this is aninda from kolkata i will be giving gmat the next year in august september now i am in my third of my btech so apart from gmat i
    will have to study for btech subjects also so how should i go about my gmat preparation phase by phase with my btech studies also want to know that my btech sem cgpa is 8.22/10 now i want to know is it marks good enough for good schools requirement gpa. actually i dont understand how they asked us in point scale so pls tell me is it okay or not. i want to ms in management right after by btech. how is the carrier prospectus of this course this is taught only in europe schools. so pls pls reply my queries

  46. Hey Mukul,
    what would be better ? doing an MBA from India( IIM’S,ISB,FMS)or doing masters in HR from U.S.universities ?
    Though i hav kept both options open, but i wud like to knw d scope of dese career choices with respect to monetary & Successive prospects !!!

    Reply awaited !

  47. Will the job experience takes a prominent role in top bschools.What about your job experince

    • It is a major consideration. It’s in my opinion the most important. GMAT is more of a filter.


  48. Very inspiring story! It has instilled a new energy in my GMAT preparation.

    Normally people, after scoring great scores in GMAT/GRE/CAT become busy in their academics and careers. You are an exception. You are doing a great service to GMAT community. Hats off to you!

  49. Found your site πŸ™‚

  50. Hi Mukul,

    It would be great if you could take out sometime and put some basic guidelines for the Last 4 weeks of preparation(which are missing now)…

    thanks in advance

  51. Hello Mukul,

    It was great reading your experience..!! Actually I too had a similar study plan and schedule but for only about a month long or so (rigorously).. However, just managed to get only 650 πŸ™ … Nevertheless, the tips and strategies shared are without doubt a roadmap to higher than 700 scores…

    Cheers to your brilliant and wonderful score ..

    Belated Congratulations!!!

  52. Hello, my friend,

    Like everyone else, I am a guy who wants to crack GMAT and score 700+. I know it’s not impossible but so how I am not getting serious. I really want to know how do you want me to get started. I am planning to give my exam in July.

    Please draw a map for me…

    Thank you

    • See my posts on preparation. It gives you a detailed week by week preparation map.



  53. Hi

    I started studying today which books should I buy etc.

    What is your email.

  54. Hi Mukul,
    Your story is indeed inspirational.
    While you have beautifully shown the way to prepare, i also want to know if you also did anything to make a good profile? I know taking test is the first step (for which i still have to start with my preparation), but i feel, profile should be developed (if required) in parallel.
    Now ‘developed’ is a very subjective term, and can vary from person to person (or school to school), but it would be great if you could share your story/thoughts on this; like was there anything that you did apart from your work that helped you through Ivy league school?
    Apart from this I learned that most good schools have people with average work experience of 5 years or so. How hard or soft is this constraint?
    i have 2.5 years of work experience right now (will be 3 in July).

  55. hey mukul…. i hope i’ll have a success story like you… i m an engineer with poor academic record… xth – 91% but in xiith only 54%. i got calls from symbiosis and other colleges but couldn’t convert them due to my academics. i want to study further. do i stand a chance in gmat?

    • 91% in any exam shows that you have potential. Focus. Prepare. Take help from the guide I have detailed here and many others on the web. All it takes is sincere and honest preparation.


  56. Hi Mukul,

    I am not planning to give the GMAT or anything. The reason I’m here is because my bf suddenly decided today to give the GMAT exam but is too dejected at this precise moment to even care to find out anything about the GMAT. He has just been hit by this years’ results and has had more than enough of CAT XAT etc etc etc. Its been continuous 2 years of disappointment for him and he just realized he is not doing an MBA this year either(yet again..says he..maybe I’m not cut-out for competition). He works in IBM too and has 2.5 years of experience right now. I stumbled upon this thanks to what you described as an ostentatious title πŸ™‚ and I am so glad I did. Reading your experiences made me visualize that he could be the next 750+ topper too. I will be honest that he is from a very small town in U.P and though his English is so much better than what it was when I first met him many years back he still finds it difficult. Answers that seem obvious to me (since I have been a voracious reader since I was 4 + having the advantage of being in a big-city school with a majority of the English speaking crowd ) confuse him. He is good at maths and loves it too but his recent results have marred his confidence. He would love to get into the ISB Hyderabad PGP course. The first cycle which ISB says is advantageous ends on 15 September. Should he give it in August in that case keeping in mind that English would require a lot of hard work too which was probably not your case. I hope to get him to read this page tomorrow itself. First step is that he needs to pick himself up and say Okay, come what may I’m gonna do it this time. I hope after he reads your story he is able to do that. I pray that by religiously following your posts he can improve his English a lot too. I know one thing about him and that is that he is a very very hard-working person who iv seen put in 6 hours even after a long tiring day at office, giving multiple tests on weekends. I would give anything to see him in ISB. I sincerely from the bottom of my heart hope you can be the start to that dream-come-true scenario. Sorry for the rather long and emotionally charged post. Just that I cant bear to see him so dejected when I know his calibre which no CAT XAT result can take away from him. Many congratulations on your success and thank you..if you ever read this (since your last reply was in 2011) πŸ™‚

    • I wish him all the best. I sincerely hope it all works out for you folks. Hard work can do wonders. Nothing is impossible. Results need sincerity, perseverance, grit and sacrifices. The end result is beautiful and the process makes you a better person.

  57. Hi,

    I am Akash Choudhary and I work in iGATE GLOBAL SOLUTIONS. I am having a work ex of about 1.5 years.
    I feel I am not comfortable in technical job like I am in right now and I have better managerial skills.

    I have this self confidence that I will score pretty good score in my GMAT exam. But the only thing that is daunting me is my score in my B.Tech.
    I scored pretty well in my class X- 85.4%, good in class XII- 78.6%. But then comes my graduation scores. I studied in Amity University and my score was 5.91(CGPA) or around 63%.

    I just want to ask if I am eligible for GMAT and if yes, what I need to do to overshadow this low score of mine.

    Hoping for a positive reply.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Akash Choudhary
    Senior Engineer

    • Hi Akash,

      A low GPA in engg doesn’t preclude you from taking the GMAT. I would say to stop fretting over something you cannot change. Focus on the GMAT. Get a 750+ and you will have shown that you mean business.

      recent success trumps past failures πŸ™‚


  58. Hi Mukul,

    I have a small question. As GMAT score is valid for 5 years. If i get score in 2013 and use in 2015 or 2016 for admission to B-school. Will their be any problem.

    • Not a problem at all Prateek. I gave mine in 2006 and used it in 2010 for school starting in 2011. So I stretched it to 4 yrs. But its best to check with the specific school. But with that disclaimer, I do not see any problems.


  59. Hi,

    Great Blog. I really liked your honesty throughout in this website.
    I am planning to give my GMAT in Sept 2013. I am not trying to be personal but want to understand as you are close to finishing your MBA where do you see yourself in job market. I have 10+ years of work experince in major Wireless companies. Although its too early for me to predict for myself even getting good score n all but do you already have job? Internship? I also want to understand what is your experience after entering into one of the top B-Schools?



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    Many people will probably be benefited out of your writing.

  61. Hello Mukul,

    Good to see that you were a IBMer. Even I am working for IBM now. I have completed my and now planning for MBA.

    Please help me in showing the right way to follow.

  62. Hi Mukul,

    I am working in IBM too.Being an average student , I am not good at some basics in Quant. But taking GMAT and doing MBA abroad has always been my Aim & Dream. Can you suggest me some strategies & tips on how could i improve my basics in Quant , So that i could start my full fledged preparation.I just want to be confident with my basics before i start my prep. Should i have to take classes in some Institute? This has been bothering me a long time. After reading your blog i thought its better i get some useful guidance from you. Help me out with this MUKUL.

  63. Hey,
    phenomenal story there. Congratulations! And a big thanks for helping us out. Taking my GMAT in 2 days. My quant is less than satisfactory- average mock score on MGMAT and GMAT PREP is 670. Whats the best way to brush up on the lessons in the last 2 days?

    And could you please suggest any websites which could be of help with last minute CR-SC tricks?

  64. Hey Mukul!
    Thanks for the post! it was truly inspiring.
    I have a slightly different Question for you.
    I graduated in may 2013.I have good academic scores(GPA-9.05).I am currently working in a good Consulting(IT)firm.I plan to take up GMAT.But as of now i was thinking of applying for summer school business program,offered by Yale or Tuck School of Business.Can you tell me are this summer program’s really worth investing in?

  65. Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an very long comment but after I clicked submit my
    comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again.
    Anyhow, just wanted to say superb blog!

  66. Hi Mukul,

    How about full-time preparation for gmat (say, by taking a break from work place)? Will I be able to get 750+ within 3 months or lesser?


    • Hey “John”,

      How much will you get depends on so many factors that I would not dare to take a guess. In my opinion full time break to study is not a good idea. The reason is you simply start wasting time. I cannot imagine studying for GMAT the whole day. It is just not healthy.
      What I did was that I talked to my manager and told him about my GMAT date. I told him that I will take a hard stop every day for two months at 6 PM. I came in to the office on time and left on time doing my 9-6 schedule properly. After going back home I would diligently study for the 3 hrs i set aside undisturbed.

      This kept me very disciplined. If you could do that, that would really help you stay on track. The last week I took off from office and started my test marathon.
      Hope that helps.

  67. Hi Mukul,

    Firstly congrats for getting into Tuck.
    I have a few question for you.
    – Have you landed up with a job in US after MBA? if so, what domain and how was the process of getting the job?
    – Is the IIT brand really the key in getting into top B-schools with 740 plus GMAT?
    – Or one with non IIT background and 720 plus GMAT can aspire for top 10 B-schools?

    Thanks for inspiring post above.

  68. Hi Mukul,

    Your story is really inspiring…I can relate to your situation(same problem…despite having good academic credential,had a flop show in CAT,XAT etc)I’m good in Quants…but Verbal is my weak area( being from vernacular medium)…would you like to suggest me how to approach verbal prep?

  69. Sir,
    Is it possible to prepare for gmat and cat simultaneously…I’m studying in nit raipur 2nd year. And also mba from IIM is better option or from abroad ?
    And last question is. ..since I want to work in abroad in future so should I
    1. Do mba from IIM and then after working few years move to abroad through 1 year mba program. (Given that I make it to iim)
    2. Directly apply for mba after graduation abroad but problem is they require work experience in abroad.
    Sir please reply…

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    Thanks again!

  80. Great story sir! Shows that persistence and hard work does pay off!

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