Okay!! Books!! The best part of the entire preparation is the one where I get my new books. I love the smell, which itself is so inspiring that it gives me a sense of excitement of embarking on a journey. But obviously smell is not the only factor that goes into choosing books; there’s a lot to be done before buying them. Books and other preparation material can make or break your GMAT.

First off let me tell you that you must not worry about the money at this point. All these books are pretty affordable by normal standards. The GMAT test itself costs $250 and retaking it can prove more costly than simply buying the books in the first place. And MBA is going to be a lot more expensive, the price of  the books should hardly be a deterrent. Having said that, use your judgement, and spend wisely. Don’t hoard books.

The single most important concern while writing this guide was to ensure that your precious time is well spent. I as a tutor know for a fact that time wasted on poor material is the single biggest reason for a poor GMAT performance.

This is how I am going to structure my buying guide:

  1. GMAT Starter Package – Essential Resources
  2. GMAT Standard Package – Supplemental Resources
  3. GMAT Rescue Package – For struggling test takers
  4. GMAT Advanced Package – Advanced Resources for higher scores


Even though I ask all GMATing supporters to buy their books from the links I provide here, I promise that I will never endorse anything which I don’t believe in. My efforts are always directed towards making an objective recommendation based on my vast experience, both as a Teacher and MBA. I have studied and taught all the major books which I recommend during my preparation and currently while teaching respectively. I have consulted and personally known many 750+ folks and compiled the list of books and figured out a methodology which I know works. The main reason behind starting this website is to help the distressed GMAT takers and make friends, not to make money by cheap moves. I just want to make sure that you are not fooled by biased reviews or marketing gimmicks. All I want is that you buy books worth your time and money, and in the course help GMATing with a few cents. Enjoy!

The progress you make while going through the books are markers for your actual progress. So it becomes very important that difficulty level of the content keeps pace with your skill level as you progress in your preparation. That’s the reason it is highly recommended that you follow the sequence as suggested by in the 4 Months GMAT Preparation Schedule.

GMAT Starter Package

Let’s say you are just beginning to tread onto the GMAT path and don’t know where to start. Then this is the right package for you. These books are a no-brainer and I would highly recommend you to buy these books right away and kick off your Prep without any further ado.

  1. Kaplan GMAT 2012 Premier with CD-ROM
  2. The Official Guide 12th Edition
  3. Manhattan Sentence Correction GMAT

These three books are must-haves. If you only had the choice or time to finish three books, I would tell you to buy only these. The Official Guide is a no-brainer. It is the definitive book for official retired GMAT questions. I have told this several times that doing and redoing the OG is the key. But you cannot jump onto the OG without covering the basics, that’s an utter waste of best quality questions. The Kaplan Gmat book will help you know the question types better and cover the basics before you start with OG. It has good theory and will give you a solid background in all the sections. The SC part is not very good in this book, so you will need a special SC book. No book does it better than the Manhattan SC. My accuracy in SC improved drastically after I bought this book. I cannot imagine my GMAT prep without these books. More info and reviews on these books.

The Official Guide for GMAT Review, 12th Edition
  • Published by the creators/owners of the GMAT.
  • Access to 900+ REAL GMAT questions retired from past tests.
  • The practice questions are organized by level of difficulty.
  • Excellent for training your ears to the actual GMAT questions.
  • Contains a 100-question diagnostic test.
  • It is not a strategy guide: don’t expect solving techniques.
  • Not even a study guide: Review sections are very brief and low level.
  • Very few questions actually above 700 level: not useful for those aiming high.


Kaplan GMAT 2012 Premier with CD-ROM
  • Solid review of fundamentals and essential strategies on both Verbal & Maths – BEST book for starting.
  • Great value for the money: 6 Full tests, Diagnostic Test, practice questions on CD & online Quizzes
  • Nice and easy layout of the book makes it easy for fast learning – could be finished in 2 weeks very easily.
  • Lots of online resources: 15 online video lessons, live online classes, etc.
  • A new chapter and practice questions highlighting the new 2012 Integrated Reasoning section
  • Several questions overlap with other Kaplan book
  • Highly deflated CAT scores – discouraging only if you don’t know about it.
  • Not sufficient for advanced topics: won’t cut it for 700+ dreamers.
  • Access to the online components expires after 1 year: only reason to buy a new edition.
  • Windows Vista incompatible CD-ROM – may have been fixed.


Manhattan Sentence Correction Strategy Guide
  • Only GMAT relevant grammar – time saver and clutter-free.
  • Indepth review of each grammar topic.
  • Nice structure makes it easy to read and can be finished very fast.
  • Structured according to error types: easy to spot weak areas and improve them
  • Recommended for all levels of test takers – beginner to advanced.
  • Great value for money: Access to 6 online GMAT Tests online which are similar to actual GMAT.
  • Best feature is OG 12 and OG Verbal Grid corresponding to each topic.
  • Comes in Kindle Edition.
  • Very few practice questions included.


GMAT Standard Package

Once you are comfortable with the GMAT and your preparation is on a smoother track, you will feel that the books listed above are inadequate. And they are! This is where the supplementary books come into the picture. Supplemental books are essential to crack the GMAT big time. To gain an edge over an average GMAT test taker, you need to specialize in each section and know the subtle nuisances of each topic. I would recommend at least getting the Official Review and one of the Kaplan’s workbooks. In addition to these I have tried out the SC Bible and CR bible, both of which are very good books, but I will keep them in the advanced package.


  1. The Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review, 2nd Edition
  2. Kaplan GMAT Verbal Workbook


  1. Kaplan GMAT Math Workbook
  2. The Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review

It will take sometime to finish these books, but they are worth the time, money and effort you put in.

The Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review, 2nd Ed
  • 300 additional REAL questions that look and feel just like the ones on the test, at a very good price.
  • SC Manhattan lists corresponding problem from this book – Great to have both together.
  • Similar to the OG, explanations for answer choices, both correct & incorrect, are clearly formulated
  • Questions are arranged in order of difficulty – works great for tweaking weak areas.
  • Duplicates lots of questions from OG 12 and previous editions.
  • Again not 700+ level material.
  • Not a strategy or study guide. Must be accompanied with an extra Verbal Guide.


Kaplan Verbal Workbook

  • Most balanced book in terms of providing strategies, basic concepts & practice problems.
  • Very useful Appendixes covering grammar, style & usage and idioms.
  • Very good strategies, especially for RC.
  • Fills the gaps in the SC Manhattan book with great sections on Usage and Idioms.
  • Good value for money: 250 questions, concepts and strategies.
  • Valuable for even ambitious or advanced test takers.
  • Duplicates lots of questions from other Kaplan books and CD-ROM.
  • CR is better covered in Kaplan GMAT 800.
  • Seems to have a random order of difficulty.


The Official Guide for GMAT Quants Review, 2nd Ed
  • 300 additional REAL questions that look and feel just like the ones on the test, at a very good price.
  • Manhattan Strategy guides list corresponding problem from this book – Great to have them together.
  • Similar to the OG, explanations for answer choices, both correct & incorrect, are clearly formulated.
  • Questions are arranged in order of difficulty – works great for tweaking weak areas.
  • Again not 700+ level material.
  • Not a strategy or study guide. Must be accompanied with an extra Verbal Guide.
  • Answers are not the always the best answers. Many a times you can find easier ways.


Kaplan Math Workbook

  • Condensed math reviews in one place: only reviews math concepts needed for the GMAT
  • Illustrates concepts, strategies, techniques and t raps using problems.
  • Lots questions and quizzes – good balance of study guide and question bank.
  • Targeted sections on Word problem and data sufficiency questions.
  • Again not 700+ level material.
  • No probability or combinations review: big hole which has to be filled by other sources.
  • Shame that this nice book is strewn with errors. So check for their online errata.


GMAT Rescue Package

If you really suck at the basics or you have completely lost touch of the basic formulae or concepts, you will probably be disappointed by the coverage in any of the above mentioned books. All those books demand a basic understanding of the core concepts. They mostly just touch upon the formulae and give you a more GMAT specific approach, which is fine only if you are good with your basic school level concepts. Manhattan series is very good for those who need to fill this gap. They are easy to understand and do the job intended. Almost all my students who have scored badly on their previous attempts have benefited from these books. These are my most used books for teaching.

  1. Manhattan GMAT Set of 8 Strategy Guides

Ideally you should finish these books even before touching the Official guide or other books. Build upon your basics and then you should be ready to embark upon actual GMAT like questions. You can buy these 8 books separately, but you won’t get such a good deal.

Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guide Set (MGMAT 5 quants + 3 verbal)
  • Hands down the best set of books if you are consistently scoring poorly.
  • Number Properties, Word Translations and Sentence Correction are top-notch.
  • Great great great value for money: you save around 30% buying the set rather than individual guides.
  • Each of the 8 guides comes with access to an online database of 25 practice problems.
  • Tremendous supplement for Official Guides: grid references to the OG, OG Verbal & OG Quants.
  • Access to a lot of practice questions and 6 online tests (very good tests)
  • Nice neat tricks, if you don’t already know them.
  • Comes in Kindle Edition.
  • Again not 700+ level material – atleast for quants.
  • Requires way too much commitment and time.


GMAT Advanced Package

Some people are out there to destroy the GMAT. I am assuming that you are confident of scoring a 700. Your basics are strong and you are consistently clocking a high accuracy level in all sections. You have an average profile and only a 750 would cut it in the top B-schools. Then you will have to make sure that you have gone through all the good and tough material available out there. I am a huge fan of Kaplan GMAT 800 and PowerScore CR. These are very good books. PowerScore SC is again a superb book. The thing with these books are that they are lengthy and tough to get through. But that’s exactly why they are in the advanced package. If you do not fit in this category, or atleat not yet, don’t buy these. But for anyone who is tad bit more ambitious, please get these.

  1. Kaplan GMAT 800
  2. PowerScore GMAT Critical Reasoning Bible
  3. PowerScore GMAT Sentence Correction Bible
  4. Manhattan GMAT Test Simulation Booklet w/ Marker

Read for more pros and cons below.

Kaplan GMAT 800

  • Hands down the toughest material available out there.
  • Great value for money: lots of tough and new questions.
  • Excellent RC and CR sections: best theory, techniques and question type categorization.
  • Can be finished very quickly. Structure is nice and highlights major takeaways from each problem.
  • Teaches you the concepts with the help of problems and detailed explanations.
  • Structure is dense: not for the weak hearted.
  • Not enough advanced topic problems in quants.


PowerScore CR Bible

  • Detailed analysis of CR concepts, question types: Undoubtedly the best CR Prep available in the market.
  • Questions resemble the actual GMAT test: next best to OG in that respect.
  • Great explanation for answers, incorrect and correct choices.
  • Explains the process of formulating a CR question: Terrific approach.
  • Quick reference section is a great time saver: excellent as a last minute refresher.
  • Clear navigation helps get help on specific question types very easily.
  • Great resource for those aiming 720+
  • Not enough practice problems for the price you are paying: has to be used along with OG and OG Verbal
  • No free paper/CD/online tests.
  • Lacks focus on bold face CR questions.


PowerScore SC Bible

  • Highly in-depth analysis of SC concepts.
  • Chapters on parts of speech: invaluable for those who struggle with English Grammar.
  • Great explanation for answers, incorrect and correct choices.
  • Nice balance between concepts, strategies and problems.
  • Clear navigation helps get help on specific question types very easily.
  • Great resource for those aiming 720+
  • Not enough practice problems for the price you are paying: has to be used along with OG and OG Verbal
  • No free paper/CD/online tests.
  • Might feel like more on rules, less on strategy.


Manhattan Test Simulation Booklet

  • I wish I had used these. I think it’s a must have for anyone set out to destroy the GMAT.
  • The booklet and pen are exact replicas of what you will get at the Test Center!
  • Helps you get used to scribbling while solving questions on a dry-erase board with a dry-erase marker pen: not easy!
  • Helps you overcome some level of anxiety


GMAT Test Package

Tests are extremely important. Reading from books is like learning karate on TV. Taking tests will prepare you for the actual fight. There are many tests online and it’s just a matter of how much you spend and how much time you have. Even if some tests are crappy, you don’t waste much time. So I will recommend tests which I know are good and some which I have heard are good.

  • GMAT prep (MUST)
  • Kaplan CD/DVD…comes with the book (MUST)
  • Princeton CD/DVD…comes with the book (MUST)
  • Manhattan Online tests
  • Paper tests…both power prep ones and kaplan ones.

Better Avoid

So that you DON’T end up getting stuff which I have heard BAD things about, I thought I should add a word of caution for the following materials:

  • Arco Master the GMAT CAT
  • Crack-GMAT
  • Kaplan’s in-person GMAT prep course


All the books have some shortcomings which is fine! You cannot possibly have just one book which is going to suffice for everything. I always suggest to get the GMAT Standard Package and then decide for yourself as you advance in your preparation, how much more do you need. Taking regular tests will help you benchmark against the performances of previous test takers. Actual GMAT has tougher question than any of the problems in these books when you reach the 700+ level! (Maybe Kaplan 800 is an exception) What these books also lack is the strategy to actually study each type of question and how to apply the strategies effectively. That’s the whole point of putting up this website which I am hoping will work seamlessly with your books, so that your efficiency and extraction/retention is maximized. Needless to say, to do well GMAT demands rigorous practice along with smart ways to learn.


  1. Hi there,
    I just registered for the exam, and am sitting for it on June 3rd. I have to admit I was taken aback by the number of books you recommend.. there’s no way I can review all that in a month. What would be your top 3 from this list?

    Appreciate your advice.


    • Okay…so you don’t need to be spoonfed….so obv manhattan guides go away…an so on. Basically this is the entire set which I recommend. You have to see what you want. Anyway, since you have asked, I will recommend what I used in my last month…

      Kaplan GMAT 800 and kaplan verbal….I am guessing you have OG, which is a must. And you have to have the Manhattan SC….these are my top 4 picks.

      Hope that helps!


  2. Actually, I have none at the moment! But I’ll be putting in the hours I need to over the next month. Thanks so much for the tips and the quick response to my query. I am going to look for books you mentioned today.

    I was really inspired by what you shared on how you prepared and what motivated you. What I took away from that was that I need to ask myself if what I am doing at the moment is getting me towards my desired goal.
    A very simple but powerful preparation tip which I gained from your site! Thank you again!

  3. Oops, was writing it down and realised I need to clarify! Which particular book did you mean when you said ‘OG’?

  4. Hey Mukul,
    My D-Day is going to be on July 19, 2011. I have started my prep, keeping in mind the entire strategy followed by you during your preparation. After completing OG12, I am confused between OG10 & Kaplan 800. As OG10 has got a good and different-from-OG12 collection of questions while Kaplan is a master piece. I am aiming for a 750+ score for which I can do anything. So, is it better to take kaplan followed by 1000 SC & 1000 CR and then go for OG 10( if required) or a different route should be taken? Kindly, help me out.

    • Good that you asked this. Do BOTH!

      Don’t let anything pass by if you are targeting a high score. I did OG 10 and Kaplan GMAT 800 both. Both are excellent. Your point is right that OG 10 has good set of questions. I recommend this:

      Do Kaplan 800 and try out all the tricks you have learnt and apply them on OG 10. If you ddont want to do the entire book, only select tough ones using the grid.

      Hope that helps.


      • Thanx for the suggestion. And what about 1000SC/CR? Is it worth to devote some time in doing them?

        • Nope. I did the 1000 series, but not at home. I took printouts of 100 questions at a time, and when I was traveling or waiting at a bus stop let’s say, I just casually solved them, more like solving sudoku, just to while away time and learn something too.


          • Can u suggest some good material on RC other than Kaplan?

          • HI ,

            Can You share me the materials of 1000 sc / rc and also OG 10 edition ,i am not able to get them .

  5. @Arun Hmm…not really. Look at these:


  6. Hi Mukul,
    I have started preparing for GMAT.I have joined career launcher for preparation and they offer Veritas study Material.Except that I dont use any other material.Is it enough for someone like me who has a gap of 8 years with the aptitude concepts.
    As I look for my PhD in management,its obvious that I lost touch with the basic concepts learned in schools.Moreover I am 32 now and already have an MBA from a 3 tier B school in India.I completed my degree 6 years back.I left the industry due to my passion towards teaching which i realized very late.

    Please guide me for my GMAT preparation.Evenif I am late i am enthusiastic and want to catch up with others.

    Thanks a lot

    • Hey Rajeev,

      I think you should certainly do the OG12, SC manhattan and Kaplan Verbal. I was a faculty at Career Launcher/veritas in Pune. So kinda know what I am saying here.

      How is it coming along?


    • @rajeev
      hi please can you let me know
      hows the career launcher classroom program for GMAT [at pune]? whats the faculty like?
      is it focussed prep for GMAT or is it just a repackaging of CAT material ?
      are you satisfied with the whole course ?

      • Hi Abhi,
        I am with Career launcher in Trivandrum.I have joined not just because its a leading institute.Its because of the trainer Mr.Jayesh who is a 2 time 100 percentiler in CAT.(Fate was on the other side that the IIMs didn’t open the door for him)Career Launcher have tied up with VERITAS for providing the material so its not a repackaging of CAT material.

        But I dont know if it has all the features the real Veritas offers which you need to check.

        The other reason of me joining CL Trivandrum is the flexibility they offer.I am a faculty in a Management Institute so I cant attend regular classes.Jayesh is so down to earth and explains even the basic doubts with so much of patience and sits with me one to one.

        Will check with Jayesh about Pune and let you know.You can mail me to is still an untested market for GMAT and here most go for CAT.I am infact looking for someone to atleast talk about GMAT and clarify my apprehensions.If interested we can atleast communicate through mail which will help to stay on course.

        I have learnt that Jamboree/C square Learning Bangalore/Race Academy Hyderabad… focus exclusively on GMAT.Do check up about them also.Pls dont hesitate to mail me


  7. Hi Mukul,
    THanks for your reply.I would definitely go by your words.I might need more from your side as I progress further.
    I’m a faculty in a B school in Kerala more over I have a family with a 6 month old child.still i get going.may be not at the same pace as others.But i want to compete at the higher level.Win/lose i want to put up a fight.

    If dont mind will you share your personal contact.?I really want to apprecite your effort.Because people like you are very few in this world who give their helping hands.Its really laudable.

    Tanks a ton

  8. Also tell me if I can do anything to help your efforts.


  9. You have mentioned “Kaplan’s in-person GMAT prep course” as one of things to avoid, however you have recommended some books from Kaplan. Can you please explain the reason? I was planning to take this course (at their Mumbai center) since I thought that the in-person course would help me better the concepts and test taking strategies that books may not contain. Would you recommend any test prep course (available in India/Mumbai) or do books alone suffice? Please elucidate. Thank you.

    • Not worth your money. But that’s my take. you are free to see more reviews. I would recommend one-to-one help from ‘someone’ and not some company.


  10. Hi Mukul,
    Which books should i refer for Math?i am a science grad and Math skills are just average.

    • CAT packages are good. In India they are readily available.


  11. Hi Mukul,

    I must say you have cleared most of doubts when it come to books. I need a big help from you on how to plan ahead.. My exam date is on Aug 27th. can you tell me how should i do about preparing. Some sort of a methodolgy.

    I have started my preps but i dont think i am doing it in a systematic way.

    • Hey Mat,

      I think you missed this:

      It has a detailed 4 months prep plan. Right now I have posted till week 9. Since your test is Aug, I wud suggest you tweak the plan to fit your timeline. Lemme know how you useful you found it to be.

      Looking forward to your updates here.

      • Hi Mukul,

        I just loved your plan, and i must say i am thinking clear. But again, let me tell you that i am an average guy on the scoring dart. I actually have about 83 days to exam day, and i am not just able to pick the right books. I am ready to work as had as possbile and i can squeeze about 6 hours a day. Can you please please advise me what books that i have to refer in these 83 days. Ideally i would want about 10 days for just giving the practice exam. So effectively , i have about 73 days. I am just not clear what are the right books to pick. As of now i have the following books
        1. OG Review 12 edition
        2. OG Verbal Review
        3. OG Quant Review
        4. Kaplan Verbal Foundation
        5. Kaplan Math Foundation

        Awaiting your reply………Thank you once again

        • Later may be you can add kaplan 800. I think you are missing SC Manhattan. Otherwise you are set.


          • Hi Mukul,

            I had started my preparation 1 month back. But didnt go well, was distracted a lot along with work load. What do you think will be the right strategy, and a right date to fix a GMAT appointment.

            Book I have.
            OG 12th edition
            Kaplan Premier program
            Princeton Review
            Manhattan SC
            Power Score CR


  12. Hey Shawn,

    That depends on how much time you want to devote. If you can put in 4 hrs, then you can do it in 2-3 months. I would say take it in Aug mid to end. This way you can still apply properly in 2 nd rounds for most schools and may be even 1st round for a few.


    • Hi Mukul,

      Thanks for the quick reply.

      Yep i decided to take the exam somewere around second week of August, so that i dont miss first round deadlines.

      I am kind of scared with SC, i feel, the rules kind of change everytime i tackle a question. Any suggestion.


      • Lol! They don’t change. My advice, read SC manhattan, not just read it, memorize it! Also Kaplan Verbal Grammar reference section is good. And don’t miss the Kaplan GMAT 800 SC portion.
        Make your own notes. Write down the new thing learned everytime you did a mistake. hope that helps!

        • Thanks Mukul.

  13. Hello Mukul,

    This is my Day 3 of my prep. I have all the “must have books”. In the first week am trying completing sections in both Kaplan and Princeton. Do you think this is a good idea? Because the concepts are explained differently in each of the books.Should I just stick to one book for theory and practice problems from both or read and practice both the books cover to cover?

    Your website is just amazing..I’ve made up my mind to follow your mantra of success..

    • One book should be fine. And I prefer Kaplan. Later on you will have plenty of problems. But for the first phase if you can, you should cover both. Knock yourself out.


  14. Hey Mukul,

    Congratulations on your successes so far and good luck for all your future endeavors.

    I have almost 7 years of work experience and masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from the US. I have decided to pursue MBA basically I because I want to take my talents to management and frankly because there aren’t many opportunities for vertical growth in my field. Anyways, I started my preparation last month and I have already covered all subject matter related to mathematics in Manhattan Series. It was a breeze. However, I am struggling with Guide # 6 (Critical Reasoning). In fact, I am feeling little down today. My plan is to finish guides 6-8 in next 3 weeks and then OG followed by Kaplan 800 and Kaplan Verbal Workbook before taking exam in mid-August. I will cover more books (per your recommendation) if I have time. Any words of wisdom and encouragement are highly appreciated :).

    I am sure you have been asked hundreds of times but if I were to tell you that I have UG and Grad. school GPA of 3.8+ and 7 years of work experience in one of the top 5 companies in the world plus I am a GC holder, can you ball park my score for top 10 MBA schools? Also, since I am planning to take exam mid-August, do you think I will have enough time to apply for first round?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hey Pankaj!

      Thanks for dropping by. Good to see that your prep is in full swing. Don’t feel down. Winners are those who get up and move forward when others give up. This endeavour is marathon…slow and steady will win the race. Read my 3 part story on my journey…that shud give u the much needed inspiration.

      You do have a chance. At Top schools you are safe with a score arnd 740. That being said, even at lower scores you are not out of the game. Aug will be a bt tight. But R2 is still achievable.

      Right now focus on absorbing the concepts and solving as many problems as you can. If you find CR to be tough, try Kaplan 800. Or better try reading my article on CR. You can go there using the top menu.

      Hope that helps! keep us posted!


      • Thanks Mukul, I will definitely follow your recommendation. How long does it typically take to apply for a school? Also, can one more or less use the same essays for all schools?

  15. Dude! Guys!

    I am impressed with ya’all! I reside in houston, tx and now am planning on giving my GMAT…i was so confused as to how to go about it and just by reading your thread i am feeling super motivated! i know which 5 books im getting and i will nail the darn thing. thanks very much.


    • Awesome! Glad it helped you. In fact I just finished revamping this entire post. Now it looks good and I am happy with myself. Let me know if there’s anything you want to add to it to make it better.
      Do buy your books from this site and support GMATing! ATB man!

  16. and mukul you’re in the best of the best scl’s im glad to hear that. enjoy yourself and good luck!!

    • Thank you so much! I am sooo looking forward to attending school once again 🙂

  17. Mukul,

    So Ill buy books using the links here: i am planning on getting 5 books in total.
    1. OG 12th
    2. Kaplan
    3. Kaplan Verbal
    4. Kaplan GMAT 800
    5. Sentence Correction GMAT Preparation Guide (Manhattan Gmat Prep)

    I have say 3 months, so im hoping these should be enough. Thanks again!

    • Official guide 2nd edition (verbal and quant) will help, too.

      • awesome! thanks much

  18. guys, what do have to say for the complete set of 8 manhattan books? everyone is recommendin me to get them….?


    • They are good! No. props, word problems in Quants….
      SC is a must have. CR and RC are also good. But power Score CR is excellent!


  19. Hey Mukul
    As amongst the numerous I am a regular reader of your site and must say awesome Job done.. I have my date in July end and am stuck to a score of 600 since 2 months have to perform much better, Have finished off the Og’s and Manhattan start guides, think of moving onto Kaplan now but would it do good when I am at 600?

    • It will…Also revise the MGMAT guide…PROPERLY!

  20. Hi Mukul,

    I’m Sangeeta Panigrahy, an engineer by qualification.

    My D-Day is August 31, 2011. Till date, I’m done with

    1. OG 11th edition
    2. Manhattan Turbocharge your GMAT Series – Quantitative
    3. Manhattan Turbocharge your GMAT – Verbal
    4. KAPLAN GMAT 800

    I found OG 11th edition to be slightly on the easier side. Quite do able for an engineer from any of the Indian Grad schools. Manhattan Quantitative and Verbal were sort of ok. Kaplan GMAT 800 was a real good one with tough questions and edge over other books.

    I’m aiming for a 720+ score in the GMAT. That should hopefully put me one notch higher and help gain an edge over other applicants. I have 2 months in hand. Having skimmed through your guide to best GMAT books, I drilled down to going through the following books in the following 2 months

    1. Power Score CR Bible
    2. Power Score SC Bible or Manhattan SC Strategy Guide
    3. Kaplan GMAT 2012 Premier with CD-ROM
    4. Cracking the GMAT (with DVD) – Princeton Review

    My queries:

    1. As I intend to go through the aforementioned books, do you think 2 months of time would suffice? (Given that I spend 6 hours on each of the weekdays and close to 20 hours over the weekend, preparing for GMAT)
    2. In addition to these books, can you recommend a good book to practice Quant? Something that is of the level 720+.
    3. As might not be able to do two books on SC, pl suggest which one of the two (Manhattan SC Guide or Power Score SC Bible) I should go for.
    4. I plan to practice Quant, CR and SC in July and then reserve the entire August for tests (Kalpan 2012 book + CD & Princeton book + DVD). Do you see this strategy sane and working out? Pl let me know and suggest improvements.
    5. When I’d begun my preparation, I didn’t have OG 12 (which is the latest one). So I’d started off with OG 11. Should I do OG 12 too? Why or Why not?
    6. How far do you feel taking tests with the aid of the Manhattan Test Simulation Kit would do good prior to the GMAT?

    Eagerly awaiting reply


    • Thanks for the long comment. Will try my best to answer your queries.


      Seeing your level and practice, I would say drop Kaplan and Princeton. Get PowerScore CR and Manhattan SC. These two would suffice and are very good. And should be doable.
      To practice quants, since you are in India, I would recommend solving from a CAT maths package. Use your discretion in leaving very tough questions or irrelevant topics.
      your plan sounds sane! Its a good plan.
      OG 12…thats tricky. It wont add much to OG 11, so you can safely leave it out. Or else you can only do the problems which are different.

      Manhattan 6 free tests which come with their guides are very good. Use them during your test marathon.

      Simulation booklet is for those who believe in leaving no stones unturned. Its worth a try.

      Hope that helps.


  21. Hello Mukul,

    Thanks for your suggestions. Truly helpful 🙂

    Certain other things I’d like to bring to notice:

    1. I’d borrowed the Manhattan guides from one of my friends. And it’s over a year since he took the guides and associated 6 adaptive tests. Thus I’d not have access to the 6 MGMATs. Keeping this mind, pl suggest some book &/ CD/DVD / website, for the test marathon (be it Kaplan GMAT 2012 Premier with CD-ROM or Cracking the GMAT (with DVD) – Princeton Review or some other good stuff). I feel around 6 to 10 tests should suffice.
    2. The new “Kaplan GMAT 2012 Premier with CD-ROM” seems to be designed keeping in mind the GMAT 2012 pattern, with integrated reasoning as one new chapter. Do you suggest I go for the 2012 book and CD-ROM or the earlier version, i.e. Kaplan GMAT 2011 Premier with CD-ROM?
    3. Cause’ I tend to make silly mistakes, do you feel continuous practice from books &/ CDs/DVDs and monitor through tests, would improve my accuracy?

    Do let me know.

    — Sangeeta

    • Get MGMAT Tests. They are good. By at least two tests. I wud recommend MGMAT and Kaplan.

      2012 or 2011 doest really matter. Unless you are taking the new GMAT how does it matter?

      Yes, taking tests help. But also if you solve the problems in a way that emulate tests, that really really helps.

      • Thanks a lot for all the help 🙂 Hope my efforts bear fruits (which I’d be able to know only on the D-Day)

  22. Forgot one other thing, for the tests, do I purchase Manhattan’s 6 tests i.e. the guide which has all these 6 tests or the Kaplan one or Princeton or something else ? Baffled ultimately .. Pl assist

    — Sangeeta

  23. I’ve been awaiting your reply to my queries in the 2nd and 3rd comments of mine. Pl reply soon

  24. Hi,

    I am a passout of July 2010 BE Electronics Batch Pune. After college, I started OG 12 but left it midway when I joined company in Kolkata on Aug 2010. Then, I joined CAT IMS class on the insist of my parents and relatives. But I find GMAT relatively easier than CAT. I have been scoring low in CAT (40 percentile..thts really bad I know). My company is not performing well. Hence, they make you work very hard.

    As i was surfing though blogs for GMAT. I found your blog really inspiring and want to really take up GMAT prep once again. I am not performing well in my CAT IMS mock tests. Also I am not able to devote much time to studies due to so much pressure at work.

    My stats are:
    Class X : 91%
    Class XII: 85%
    BE Electronics : Bharati Vidyapeeth : 62%
    Qual : Working in SIDCL,Kolkata as Engineer in Project Management- I am looking after three packages worth 4 Cr.

    Arunima Bhaumik

  25. Kindly also suggest me when is d best time 2 go for GMAT since I have 1 year exp and my present GMAT score shall be 400 (if I appear for GMAT).

    Arunima Bhaumik

    • I suggest you back up for a while and focus on your job. You might want to get the GMAT out of the way. But do so only when you are 100% sure that you will do well. Spend 3-4 yrs working and then apply with a good GMAT score. A good time frame is 4 months for preparing. If you start now, you should be nearing Jan towards the end of your prep.

      There is no best time, but you can read a post somewhere on my website which deals with that.


  26. Hi Mukul,

    I am working as a Software Engineer in Wipro for last 3.5 Yrs. I am aiming for ISB 2012-13, i have not started any prep as yet. Please suggest how should i begin my preparation and which set of books you recommend. Please suggest which institute to join for coaching in Pune.


    • Hey Sandeep,
      Everything is here man. I have written lines and lines of posts just to tell you the exact same thing.

      Read the posts properly, and you should get all the answers about schedules and books.


  27. Hi Mukul,

    You seem to recommend Powerscore SC for 720+. However I have read that its quite basic with few questions. What is the added advantage of having this if one already has Manhattan SC and refers basic grammar rules from other books.


    • Recently the Manhattan SC has become too complicated for its own good. I liked the older versions better. But back to the point, why I like power score is because it has:

      Explanations (SC manhattan doesnt have that, its not made like that)
      Basic grammar (SC manhattan does require some understanding of grammar, it has lotsa jargon) always better to do this book alongside.

      Its a nice balance between strategy + explanations + grammar = complete book.

      Hope that helps!


  28. Hi Mukul,
    I have two queries for you:
    1.I plan to take my exam at May end. I have 12 hours to prepare everyday till then ! So, I plan to study all the books you suggest multiple times. Considering that I have 5 months, which of these books would you suggest that I do multiple times.
    2.I have scored 610 at mock-GMAT a few days ago without preparation, do you think 750+ is realistic?

  29. Hi Mukul,

    I must say i m super inspired by your posts here.I am working in the IT Sector.I have 6 months of experience.I plan to give GMAT this year around August.I am planning to start my prep right away.I have taken CAT Coaching earlier so m good with my maths skills.Which books would you recommend to buy right away and later on i shall add other books as you suggested?Also would you recommend to join any coaching centre or preparing on my own would be sufficient?Also i want to start my Mba in 2013.Just want to take the GMAT as of now as i am just out of college and would be more focussed towards studying.
    Please Help!!

  30. Hey Mukul,

    I am about to appear for the ylp isb programme and I have 3 months to give the exam and no material in hand. Do recommend the ideal material that get me a score good enough for a premier institute like ISB i.e. 700+. If possible, please advise me as to whether I should appear for the gmat before the pattern changes i.e., before the 1st of June or after the 1st of June. Is it advisable to go ahead with the new integrated section incorporated in the new pattern ? Your quick response is appreciated.


  31. Hi Mukul,

    I gave my GMAT on October 31 and got a very poor score of 540 (Quant 47, Verbal 19). I am planning to give GMAT again but this time i want to make sure that i don’t screw up again. For my previous preparation i had referred the following:-
    Official Guide – 12.
    Manhattan GMAT Sentence Correction.
    Power CR bible.
    GMAT prep Tests (downloaded from
    Manhattan GMAT tests (6 tests which you get when Manhattan Sentence correction)

    To be very frank with you i had prepared for almost 5-6 months but still didn’t see any improvements in my verbal score. In verbal i was consistently getting around 28-30. And in actual GMAT infact i got in 19 verbal which was a shocker to me.

    I don’t know what went wrong with the preparation in my previous attempt, but this time i want to ensure i don’t get a similar score.

    Can you please suggest as to how i should go about with my preparation.

    Mahesh S.

  32. Hi Mukul,

    I am a CA.I am about to give my CFA Level 2 in June.So have to start preparing for GMAT after that.I plan to give my GMAT in mid sept.I am comfy with Quant and RC,okay with CR.However,I have no clue of SC.All the options look the same.I believe in strategy and learning thru technique rather than practising numerous problems(Though I would also do that depending on availability of time).Any suggestions?

  33. Hi Mukul,

    I am a CA.I am about to give my CFA Level 2 in June.So have to start preparation for GMAT after that.I plan to give my GMAT in mid sept.I am comfy with Quant and RC,okay with CR.However,I have no clue of SC.All the options look the same.I believe in strategy and learning thru technique rather than practising numerous problems(Though I would also do that depending on availability of time).Any suggestions?

  34. Didnt get response MUKUL

  35. Hi Mukul,

    Your blog have been very inspirational..
    I want to take the GMAT and plan on scheduling the test for October. My Goal is to get 700+ while aiming to get into an Ivy league school hopefully.

    I have a solid Math foundation but I am a little rusty and will need refreshing. Last time i did any tedious math was studying for GRE back in 2009.
    On the other hand, my verbal/qualitative/CR/SC skills are below average and needs significant improvement if I have any chance with cracking 700+

    I was hoping you can give me recommendation on the combination of books that can set me off on the right path.. I was thinking a combination of the starter and advanced packages.. I plan on kicking off my studying start of June. Was thinking maybe the first two months with the starter package as a refresher and then move on to the advanced books.

    But any feeback you can give is gladly appreciated.


  36. Hi Mukul,
    Your GMAT journey and blog are great and inspiring 🙂

    Little about me – 33 Years old; 9 years of work-ex; average student(need to work hard); gave GMAT in 2006 and got 580 and aspiring for +700 this time.

    D-Day & Available time – I booked the slot on 30th of May (before IR/new topic introduction). I have 51 days to prepare. I took 20 days off from work before the GMAT test.

    I WANT to achieve the desired score and need your help……

    I have 2 queries:

    1. Resources-
    a)Should I do all the below material/skip any (feel that I can hardly complete the below)
    b)Should I buy some more material

    1. Resources:
    I just completed classes/coaching at KAPLAN

    OG-12 (completed ~2/3 across topics)

    KAPLAN online resource – It has about 1400 Quiz/Questions of various difficulty levels {completed 70 Quant & 50 verbal questions respectively (questions of low & Medium difficulty with 75% and 70% accuracy in Q & V}. The online resource also has 9 CAT.

    KAPLAN MATH & VERBAL (5th Edition) – Can access through the institute’s library.

    Princeton Course Book (May skip, if time is insufficient)

    Manhattan Review Course book(Institute in India, I think this is different from Manhattan GMAT) – thinking to do select topics

    KAPLAN 800 (2004-2005 Edition) – But I think I will not do it as they are tougher than real GMAT…

    I will buy Manhattan SC (decided after seeing your strong recommendation; it comes with 6 CAT as well))

    2. Best Prep strategy for next 51 days (I can spend 4 hours on weekdays & ~10 hours for 20 days before prep)

    My present strategy is to 1) strengthen the concepts, 2) keep doing the KAPLAN online quizzes (1400 Questions) 3)Complete OG & other material and REDO ALL INCORRECT Questions 4)Give MBA.COM GMAT Prep 1 and 9 KAPLAN CAT continuously from 5th May to 25th May 5)Give MBA.COM CAT/Prep-2 on 28th 6)GIVE ACTUAL TEST ON 30th May.
    What is your suggestion?

    Thanks for reading the long post and quick reply is highly appreciated Mukul…..


  37. Hi Mukul,

    I have just registered for the exam, and i am giving it in july 2012.I found your blog very helpful,thanks.
    But i am not very sure about this “Integrated Reasoning Section ” that is being introduced in GMAT 2012.
    Could you Please throw some light on how to Prepare for this ?.

  38. Hi Mukul!

    First of all, AWESOME website! Really helps the clueless ones like me!

    I’m just starting out with my prep and currently have only the OG 12th Edition.

    Here’s what I would need help on.

    1. I work at Pune and can get in max 4 hrs a day. I believe that my CR and quant skills are decent but SC is bad. So, what resources would I need to get and what is the order in which I would I have to use them?
    2. I’ve not had a very stupendous UG degree and I’ve graduated from a just above average college in Bangalore with an aggregate of 65% (I’m an engineer btw! 😀 ). Since the past cannot be changed, I am looking to beat the (life out of) GMAT so I can get somewhere in life. Could you suggest an ideal time for me to take the GMAT to get that AWESOME score while keeping in mind that I have only 1 year and 9 months of work experience?


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  40. Hello Mukul!
    You are doing a fantastic job mate! Thanks a lot for making this site.

    I’m a Chemical Engineering student from NIT Warangal and i’m very interested in shifting towards business and management after my graduation. I have two questions that need some expert advice 🙂
    I intend to take the GMAT in few months, i have started my preparation with Kaplan Premier. How should i proceed? and is it necessary to revise all sections daily?

  41. Greetings.
    I see that the site has been updated for awhile, which probably means you’re busy.
    But I’ll ask anyway.
    I enrolled at Career Launcher, Mumbai for their GMAT program.
    I’m a BA student, hence my math is weak-haven’t touched it in 3 years.
    What books would you recommend outside of the Career Launcher material?

    I’ll prepare for as long as it takes to get a 740 plus score, especially since I’m taking a gap year to work after I graduate.
    Also, I’m applying to Masters in Management courses at London Business School, London School of Economics, HEC, etc., so work experience required is minimal, therefore I need to ace my GMAT to atleast attempt to compensate for my mediocre GPA.

  42. Hello mikul,
    I would like to thank you for making this wonderfull site which is indeed of great help.
    I eould be obliged if you could revert back to my queries.I am planning to give gmat in june 2013 but i dont have any work experience would any of the foreign university accept me .

    Best Regards,

  43. Hi Mukul,
    I wish to ask a basic query – which is the best time to give the GMAT exam and which is the best time to apply to B-schools both in US and Europe? Note: I would look for scholarships…


  44. hi mukul
    i am a 3rd engineering student . i want to join mba immediatly after my course.i want to prepare gradually and score above 700.i went through your blog its very inspiring.i am really new to this gmat most of them recommended og. but i dont know 10,11,or 12.every book has its latest i was really worid like should i choose the latest version or popular versions,if i do so will i miss something.i did’nt even start but i m already confused and stressd. so please guide me i really need help from you 🙂

  45. Hi Mukul, really inspiring to see you share your experience out here.

    I do hope that I too can share my experience of a good score in a few months.

    Which brings me to my question..?

    I scored 560 the first time i took the GMAT. i was disappointed as I was scoring close to 700 based on the tests in the GMAT prep software.

    I used OG 12 and the supplemental guides for my study.

    Based on your recommendation, I have picked up Manhattan SC and will pick up the Kaplan Guide.

    Will finish off the guides in the manner listed. Is there anything else I could do for my basic prep ?

  46. Hi Mukul,

    Need much help and advice. 🙂 m planning to appear for gmat in july. I read through the posts above but there are so many books mentioned here ; i need some help in choosing from the lot which can help me in getting a very good score. I m aiming for high score. Please recommend me all the reqd books with edition number that i should get as of now.

    Thanks in advance :))

  47. Hi Mukul,
    I found your website which is simply superb and amazing which clarified almost all my basic doubts.
    Now I want to start preparation for GMAT from today.
    I dont know the strategy to fix my exam date.
    I followed the above comments and came to know about Round 1 and Round 2.
    Could you please throw some light on Rounds 1,2?
    Please say which month is the best one to apply for GMAT considering that I start preparation by Jan 15 2013.
    What are the factors to be considered to decide to fix a GMAT exam date?
    I hope you got me..
    Thanks in advance brother !!

  48. Hi,

    I am completely new to GMAT. I am planning to buy books and appear in exam in the start of July. Could you please guide me the essential books I need to start up with? Personally I am not good at essay writing and I want to improve my writing skills. Which will be the best book to study?

    Thank you and waiting for reply.

  49. Hi sir,
    i am studying B.Tech 3rd year… i want to know how should i start my preparation for GMAT.
    Kindly spend some time and suggest me..
    Thanking you in anticipation.

  50. Hi Mukul,

    Not sure if you’re still responding, but I have a question.

    I’m aiming high, and based on what you’ve put in the Advanced Package, there seems to be a hole for advanced Quant stuff; is there a good source for advanced Quant problems?


  52. Hi Mukul ,

    I am looking to appear for GMAT in april so have enough time to apply for B schools . Could you please advise if Princeton Coaching is better than Kaplan ? I am studying OG12 and Princeton Review GMAT book to start with and move to other books at a later stage . However , unlike what I read here , have noticed people mention that Kaplan is much harder than the actual level of Gmat . Is that true ? and lots of recommended me to Princeton as its an easier read and better to grasp tricks and concepts . I need to improve my quant a lot .

    Pls recommend .

    Regards ,

  53. Hi Mukul

    I have just started and will write GMAT by August end.

    I will follow what you said let see what happen next.


  54. Hi Mukul

    I have just started and will write GMAT by August end.
    I will follow what you said let see what happen next.

    Thanks for guiding


  55. Hi Mukul,

    Thanks ever so much for creating this blog and sharing your experiences.
    I’ve 9 years of work ex, and I’m aiming for a score of 700+ for a decent B-School; Meanwhile I’m working full-time and can study 3 hrs a day on average.
    I’d been thinking of a test date mid-July to time it for applications to some B-Schools.
    I’m just wondering if a prep time of three months is sufficient or should I seek a much later test date.
    Please advise.

    • Hi Shruti,
      4 months would be ideal. But 3 months is also doable. Just make sure that you really utilize those 3 hrs daily. If you do an honest job at studying for those 3 hrs daily, it should be enough for a 700+ score.

  56. How many questions does one have to get right(Section Wise) if one is aiming for 51 in Quant and 44 in verbal?

    • Hey Sneha!
      I can only make an educated guess. Obviously it depends on which questions you got wrong, etc. Because this test is adaptive. But my guess would be 34 out 37 in quants and 34 out of 41 in verbal.

  57. Hi Mukul,

    Wonderful blog!
    I have a question!
    I’m going for 3 months self prep(full time), I need to strengthen my verbal skills & need to monitor
    my scores through regular mocks!
    I borrowed Gmat review official 2nd edition & manhattan verbal material!!
    suggest me good resources for mock tests(other than 2 free tests from & verbal books for strong prep!

    thanks in advance

  58. hello mukul,
    i passed my 12th exam with hindi medium and then i passed my computer engineering degree with only 62% from nagpur university because those day my knowledge of english was very poor but after four year i have an engineering degree without backlog and then after i prepare for campus and i selected in small mnc but i left my job with in 15 days because i realize that software field is not for me then i get teaching job because of my maths knowledge but after few months i realize that business is my ultimate destination so i left my job and i searched many of website for master in management program for fresh graduate.

    so this is my condition
    so i want to ask you can i crack gmat.i am asking you this stupid question because i have not basic knowledge of english grammer if you say yes then how??

    my last question is related to mim program

    is mim program is good for fresher??
    can i get best college like hec or others with my hindi medium schooling?
    is mim program good for engineers?

    pls reply i am in big dilemma

  59. hi Mukul, excellent blog … appreciated

    my question in basic all the books you mentioned are from when this blog started, for 2015 prep should we buy the latest versions or still stick to the older versions only.

    reply ASAP

  60. hi Mukul, excellent blog … appreciated

    my question is basic all the books you mentioned are from when this blog started, for 2015 prep should we buy the latest versions or still stick to the older versions only.

    reply ASAP

    • Yes. Please use the revised version. Even though the old ones will work just as fine, if you want to save some bucks.

      • Thanks Bro.. appreciate your support.


  61. Excellent blog, Iam appearing for gmat in sep 1st week.and my verbal scores are deteriorating please suggest something, I’ve gone through manhatten SC (except idioms) I answer all questions correctly in the guide but when it comes to test everything goes wrong and scores are down to V 28
    help me out please,


  62. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that
    I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts.
    After all I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again soon!

  63. Which one is better, Kaplan Verbal or Princeton?

  64. Also which one out of these is better? Kaplan GMAT premier 2015 vs Princeton Cracking the GMAT Premium 2015?

  65. Is it advisable to start from Manhattan i.e your week 3 schedule onwards (As you said those are good to brush up basics) and then go through Kaplan Premier? Thanks in advance!

  66. I get pleasure from, result in I found just what I was taking a look for.
    You’ve ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man.
    Have a great day. Bye

  67. Hi Mukul,
    I have 6 months job experience as SDE at amazon, aiming to write GMAT this year. I have couple of questions.
    1. I heard all the abroad B-schools require couple of years experience. So I have doubt should I try for CAT this year in the first place as it is relatively cheaper in terms of money. I attempted CAT last year, I got 83 percentile, 95 in math and 41 in english, which tells about my weak capability in vocabulary.
    2. In case I should try GMAT this year, Should i start with first GMAT Starter Package? and then should look at other things
    3. Also when should I book the slot, assuming I have 2 hours per day and 2 days in the week end for preparation
    4. Also the above date of booking slot has some relation with respect to deadlines for applying to colleges, taking buffer time to write test again, when is ideal time time to book the slot
    5. Should i join any classes or own preparation would suffice?

  68. Hi Mukul, Greetings. I chanced upon your website and find it very inspiring. I will be returning to books after a span of 12 years. I can invest 4 hours a day over weekdays and 8 over weekends. Would you suggest i start with the Manhattan GMAT strategy guide set? I have to brush up maths and english, how good are Kaplan math foundation and Kaplan verbal workbook for that? I have to take GMAT this august as work pressure post summer will keep me in office for longer hours. I will try to follow your time table so that i don’t invest time in preparing a fresh one. Do guide me if possible. Bests, Ana

  69. I am curious to find out what blog system you’re utilizing?
    I’m experiencing some minor security issues
    with my latest website and I would like to find something
    more safe. Do you have any solutions?

  70. Your style is very unique in comparison to other people I have read stuff from.
    Thanks for posting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess I’ll just book mark this blog.

  71. Hi Mukul
    Is Class room prep is needed for GMAT or books which you have mentioned is good enough?

  72. You first must know the subject that is best suited
    for both your blog along with you. There is a misconception that paid-for themes are not
    worse in relation to the kinds that are free, however that is not necessarily the case as free themes happen to be known to look and even are better than some of their paid-for alternatives.

  73. I have myGMAT on 7th December and i have stuck up in IR. Can u ease help me out with some practice material or any book.

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  82. Hi Mukul , your strategies are amazing and inspiring. Would like to know the best score for executive MBA’s in top Bschools?

    What will be your strategy if I want to start my GMAT for Executive MBA ?


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