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GMATing Top Picks!


  1. dude it was some really awesome stuff u wrote here nd it really raised my spirits and made one point clear to me that the score is truely valid for 5 yrs as am not sure of when to apply after writting GMAT as i already have a masters degree(MCA) and it will tough to convince parents as they re ready to get me married in near future….
    Thanks a lot…..

    • I wish you all the best. I hope you will fight your way out towards success.


  2. I really appreciate your post. I just scored a 750 yesterday and I think that I am where you were a few years ago. The only thing that scares me is that I still have no idea what I specifically want to do with my MBA.

    I plan on applying this Fall for Fall 2012. I’m joining the toastmasters club here in Dallas in order to improve my public speaking.

    Just when I thought I was an ideal candidate, your posting motivates me to do more. Thanks again.

    • All the best Matt. I am glad it motivated you. Keep me posted!

  3. Hey Mukul
    Can we have the links to weekly study at the top of the page.Right now for going to say week 5 I have to navigate to all the weeks before it.A direct link to a particular week will be very convenient.
    Thanks in advance

    • No man! There are links directly!!

      Main menu –> GMAT –> GMAT Prep –> Month 2 –> Week 5

      Let me know if that works!


  4. Ah That works.For some strange reason I was not able to access it earlier :).Thanks a lot.
    I have just begun my preparation by following your schedule.Although I found it overwhelming initially but with some dedication I am able to follow it.Infact I have started enjoying it.Hard work gives you satisfaction.Thanks Man for all your inspiration and guidance.God bless you!!!

    PS- I had earlier mailed you about my details via the contact me link.

  5. Hey Mukul
    When are you planning to post next part of your schedules.Also in the Verbal focus you mentioned that we need both PowerScore Verbal Bible as well as PowerScore CR.Does the verbal Bible not contain all the 3 portions of verbal?

    Keep rocking Man

  6. Hi Mukul,

    I have sent you a mail, please respond. Waiting for your response 🙂

  7. Hi Mukul
    Will you be posting the next part of your schedules any time soon.I know you will be very busy but if you can update when this will be posted, it will be very kind of you.
    Thanks in advance

  8. Is there any schedule I can follow to finish this in one month?

  9. Hi Mukul,

    Read through the schedule, It was only posted till Week 9? I couldn’t get any schedule past 9, can you please help,


  10. Hi Mukul,

    Thanks for posting the schedule till week 9. I’d like to get started on this prep and wondering if you are able to post the schedule for the rest of the weeks as well at your earliest convenience,

    Thanks a bunch.


  11. Hey Mukul

    Kindly post the balance study schedule….have just completed the suggested schedule and now want to know where to head after this..

    Awaiting your reply.

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