Reading Comprehension

Topics relating to the Reading Comprehension questions.

RC Question Types

Posted on Apr 8, 2011

This article covers the most common question types which the GMAT tests you on. Most students are not sure what is being asked. The irony is that even though the answer is certainly somewhere before your eyes, you don’t get it correctly. This problem stems from the fact that we are not aware of what is going to be asked and we end up taking more than needed time, ultimately panicking and re-reading and basically messing up the answers. I will discuss each question types and strategies to crack them. Enjoy! Usual suspects There are mainly six categories of questions that follow: Summary Questions Style and tone Questions Inference questions Logical structure...

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Reading Comprehension Strategies

Posted on Apr 7, 2011

It’s Incomprehensible!! Okay so you don’t understand what the heck does the passage means! Do not worry! The GMAT guys are well aware that we cannot be astronomers, doctors, environmentalists, engineers, drama critics all at the same time…right?? So it’s pretty lame to expect that we would understand every minor details out there in the passages they give us to read. So what does comprehension really mean here? It means how much you have “understood” what the author is trying to convey. Don’t expect questions which will ask details beyond the scope of the passage. For that matter you should infact keep your general knowledge in a...

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