GMAT Do’s and Dont’s

There are certain things which you will realise in the actual course of your preparation. But by that time you might have already lost some of your precious time. And that’s the precise reason I thought of writing this, so as to keep you guys from making the same mistakes as I did. In this article we will talk about the right approach, which the winners follow and the mistakes you should avoid.

Calcium? It’s a tough nut!

what winners do

  • Pick a date and register. I made a big calendar for myself and stuck it before my study table. And obviously I highlighted the test date with a horrible colour 😀 Also I put up stick-ons all around my place (mirrors, refrigerator, with dates on them) It’s not getting psyched about it…but it really helps!!
  • Practice a lot with the GMAT Prep software. It’s an exact replica of the actual test (Look Wise only!!).
  • Guess and estimate when you have to, but make educated guesses!
  • It’s always better to finish off the section by making logical guesses than to leave the section unfinished.
  • Try your best on the initial questions. For a rocking performance keep the momentum going till the last question.
  • Some questions are not rated, but that doesn’t mean you know which ones! So answer all questions properly.
  • Take advantage of every break during the GMAT. Take a bathroom break, wash your face, close your eyes, think why you are here and get some fresh air.
  • Visit the test center before the day of test. Many did so a week or two before.
  • Read the test instructions carefully and make sure you have everything you will need to bring to the test and what you should expect at the test center.
  • Make a special effort to improve your weaknesses along with strengthening your expertise during practice.
  • Take mock tests seriously. Try to emulate the environment as much you can. Do not take extra breaks during simulated tests.
  • Review all prior mistakes along with explanations.
  • Learn the most typical problems and answer types.
  • Review and study one section of the test at a time.
  • Record all mistakes on wrong questions and revisit them no sooner than 5 days. If still getting wrong, then zero on the subset’s and go for more help.
  • Always read the explanation in the book to see why you get it wrong and take enough time to really understand the concept.
  • Go through the OG at least 2 times. Learn everything the book offers you. Especially the explanations part.
  • Practise writing essays for AWA in the mock tests.
  • Prepare for at least 3 months.
  • Build your stamina. Always do it the way you are supposed to do at the actual exam. So always do your exercises in a block of 2 hours and do at least 80 questions in one sitting. This is VERY IMPORTANT. If you are not able to do this, you are not fit to take the exam.

What winners don’t do

  • They don’t over look what I said above.

Enjoy! Happy GMATing!

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