GMAT Prep: Week 2

Last week we got a solid idea of how the Verbal Section looks like on the GMAT. This week we will do the same for the Quants section. For this you will refer to the same standard Kaplan GMAT or Princeton GMAT book. The sections in these books are fairly easy and the number of problems are also less. So they are perfect books to begin with. I had a Kaplan GMAT for myself. In two weeks we will finish the entire week. First week will be devoted to Verbal and second week to Quants and a diagnostic test. As I said earlier I am expecting you to at least study for 3 hours at a stretch daily. Ladies and gentlemen, put on your seat belts!

DAY 8 + DAY 9 + DAY 10 + Day 11



  • Four Sessions of 4 hours on each day (16 hours)


  • Take up the book and finish off the Quants section: Fundamental Concepts, examples, word problems, straight Math problems and Data Sufficiency problems + analysis).
  • Apply the same methodology as you did last week while studying. Once again: Studying in blocks and keeping a journal/tracker.

DAY 12



  • 3.5 hours or whatever is the prescribed time for the test and 1.5 hours to analyse. 5 Hours total.


  • Take the paper based test at the end of the book.
  • Analyze all the answers –> Go through the explanations –> Make notes.
  • Write down the silly mistakes on the post-its.
  • Also write down your experiences after you took your first test.

Quick Tips

  • Do the rough work on the blank sheets and write down the answers in the diary/journal.
  • Put proper dates, heading, book’s name + Section name on the top of your journal entry.
  • Write down the score and the accuracy percentage.
  • Analyse each answer with utmost care and keep jotting down any stuff which you have learnt (there has to plenty of them). Make a habit of taking down notes.
  • Write down all the silly mistakes you did on the post-its and finally, stick them on the black chart paper which you should stick to the wall in front of you.

DAY 13 + DAY 14


  • Revise everything you learned in the last two weeks.


  • 4 Sessions of 16 hours total.
  • Day 13 and Day 14 (weekends) –> 2 Sessions each day of 4 Hours = 8 hours each day


  • Go through all your notes, post-its, trackers and learn from your mistakes.
  • Look back at your week. Catch up if you need to.
  • Talk to me about your progress.
  • Leave a comment on the website after you have finished one WHOLE book!


Feel good that you finished one book completely and took one full length test.

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  1. hi,

    My name is Dhaval Mandavia and can u mail me a schedule starting from Monday June 6 for GMAT prep as I am planning to take the GMAT on July 19

    Thanks for ur concern

    • I cannot entertain such requests! Please understand that I am not a company, am just a person who wants to share what he knows. I have already went to great pains to make this schedule. From here on any competent person should be able to formulate one on his own, adjusting to his/her time and personal constraints.
      Thanks for dropping by. All the best.

  2. Hi,

    Find your story an excellent read! 🙂
    I have taken a date for 8th Sep ’11 for my GMAT. I am done with Kaplan Premier guide. Scored 600 on paper test (Q47, V26). I m not that bad at verbal! I have formulated my routine with verbal focus as follows:
    Kaplan Premier (Over)
    MGMAT Number Properties & Word Translations (As i heard rest of the guides are pretty basic)
    Kaplan Workbook – Math (Will it be enough to brush up n move on?) & Verbal
    Powerscore CR
    Advanced Strategy same as you mentioned

    But I am still left with some time about 2 weeks spare (How to go about it?)pls suggest some options



    • So wait for my schedule…it has still 6 weeks to go. week 11 is revision and then end of recovery phase. then starts the advanced phase for 3 weeks and then test for 2 weeks. you shud pt tests in those two ast weeks.


  3. Hi Mukul,

    I didn’t know earlier that there was a site such as this which is of very great help in planning. Thanks for all your efforts to build this.

    I hope you mentioned to start off the preparation with Kaplan GMAT and I hope you are referring to Kaplan GMAT 2012 Premier(as the link you provided is for Kaplan 2009).

    Please clarify as I would be purchasing this on this weekend.


    • Hey Suresh,

      The editions don’t matter. I cannot possibly keep updating the links everytime something new comes. So as a rule of thumb, go for the latest edition. You can always click these links and amazon will show you the latest edition links.



  4. hey, i got done with the kaplan premier program 2012. 😀 gave the veritas prep free test. scored a 650(q45 v36). 🙁 made hopeless mistakes in quant and got bored while solving verbal. so have to practice quant to improve on the silly mistakes and have to improve my stamina. still a long way to 750.

  5. Hey Mukul,I’ve finished Kaplan Premier 2011, achieved about 75% accuracy on both verbal and quant in the Kaplan paper test.Dropped you some email also.
    And now I’m starting the third week following rigoursly your schedule..

  6. Done With Kaplan 2012.Scord 83% in Quants and 82% in Verbal.Moving on to next stage

  7. hai mukul i have completed 1st 2 weeks of ur schedu and done a princeton gmat free test which include IR, i secured 490 in this test
    Verbal 9(14 of 41)
    Quant 49(21 of 37)
    IR 15(15 of 28)
    i want to get my self improved in verbal section very well as I’m a pretty good in quant right now plz help me with it

  8. Hi Mukul,

    First of all, what am amazing resource this is – thank you so much! For some reason whenever I attempt to click through to week 10 on the detailed, day-by-day preparation schedule, it brings me to the subscription page. Do I have to subscribe in order to see the rest of the preparation schedule? Or is my computer just doing something funny…


  9. Finished Kaplan GMAT Premiere… 🙂

  10. I had been wondering if your hosting is OK? Not that I am complaining, but slow loading instances times will very frequently affect your placement in google and could damage your high quality score if ads and marketing with Adwords.

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