Mixtures & Alligation

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  1. hi,

    can u cover topics on speed,time and distance.along with data sufficiency

  2. UR video was so useful .Thanks

  3. Hi Mukul,

    Please cover Modulus and inequalities also.
    Also please provide a small video on Statistics with the type of questions that appear in GMAT with moderate and tough questions. It is a fairly easy topic but I have never covered it so I feel little uncomfortable when I see such problems.

    Hope you would do that 🙂


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  4. All the videos are excellent!!!

    Speed, audio quality, handwriting and content everything great!!!

    Please include more topics – including probability, number properties etc.



  5. mixtures and alligations are really superb!

    dude u have done a great job

  6. Brilliant videos.Coincidentially these are my weak sections in quant……..Keep Up the good work…….thanks a lot

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